Thursday, July 17, 2008

Off to CoH

After a couple of weeks of low grade fevers (99.9), my temperature spiked last night to 102.3.

I avoided a late night trip to the emergency room, but I'm heading off this morning for blood work, a chest x-ray and an appointment with Dr. Forman. Something's going on in my body. I just don't know what it is.

1:25 pm UPDATE: X-rays of my lungs look like they did when I was hospitalized in January. We don't know if it's pneumonia or lung damage from the bleomycin chemo drug that I received before the stem cell transplant. I have meds for both (antibiotics and steroids), so my bases are covered.

We don't know how or if this ties in with the high EOS count. I return to CoH on Monday.


Paula L. Johnson said...

Oh, Smookie!

I'll send good vibes your way through Monday (and beyond).

You might let Dr. Forman know that these pesky little setbacks are really cutting into the time you could better spend on your food blog.

Paula L. Johnson said...
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Susan Carrier said...

You're right, Paula. I've been neglecting my food blog.

Anonymous said...

"beauty transfusion" what a great description.
Julian and I loved seeing that ( must be Italian ) glass time we to to SF we need t to visit the Dahlia garden.