Sunday, July 29, 2007

Funny Lady Returns to the Ice House in Pasadena

When Paula Johnson isn't serving as cancer correspondent, posting witty comments on Cancer Banter or creating clever communications for her clients, you can sometimes find her cracking up crowds with her stand-up comedy.

I missed her debut at the Ice House in March, but I'm determined to make it to "Chicks with Mics" on Thursday during Paula's return visit to Pasadena's comedy club. She'll be sharing the stage with a dozen other gals who desperately want to tickle our funny bones.

Will there be any cancer material this time? Paula tells me that she's "diversified" her act and will be yakking about cancer - just not MY cancer.

God willing and the platelets don't fall, I'll be there. I'll need a good roll in the aisle after five days of self-injections!

(Let me know if you'd like to join me.)


Paula Johnson said...

Thanks for the promo, Susan! I just finished writing and organizing my material today, so I did a run through.

My dogs were silent, but I could tell they were laughing on the inside.

Piper Robert said...

Paula, have you been a passenger in a car while my sister is driving? Lots of material. The one common denominator when I'm in the car with her is, I have both hands on the dash screaming, "LOOK OUT!" Kind of a family joke when my sister was learning to drive. Ginger, the family French poodle, would hop in the back seat and shiver with fear. Our Mom would also sit in the back and not look up. I would try to comfort her by whispering, "We're almost there." Our Father had trememdous patience with her. (He slugged me once while I was student driving. Sue screamed.) Dodging coal trucks on a narrow country road will turn anyone into an expert driver.

Paula Johnson said...

Do not get me started on Susan's driving.

A group of us once met at the Rose Bowl to catch the shuttle for the Pasadena Showcase House of Design.

Afterward, Susan asked if I would ride in her car back to my house because she wasn't sure the most direct way to get there from the Rose Bowl parking lot. FYI, it's a six-minute trip.

For some reason, Susan did not hear me say (in loud English) "turn left here" or "it's okay, just turn left here," or "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?," or "NO! NO! DO NOT GET ON THE FREEWAY!"

We wound up in Glendale, which is two towns to the west. Meanwhile, my friends were waiting at my house for their hostess to return.

They were wondering if they should call the CHP to see if there had been any major accidents reported in the previous 20 minutes.

Susan Carrier said...

Note to Self: Must outlive both Robert and Paula to prevent them from sharing embarrassing stories at funeral.

Paula Johnson said...

Actually, I'm happy that you're crazy behind the wheel. My sister refers to car trips with me as "Miss Toad's Wild Ride," so you make me look not so bad!

Karen said...

Hey Paula,

How'd it go!? I'm so sorry I couldn't make it. I just got swamped this week.

I was there in spirit!