Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Is it Wednesday yet?

Gosh, it's been days since I used words likes "platelets" and "catheter" in casual conversation. Here are five ways to pass the time until Susan's next entry:

1. Giggle over fashion disasters in Go Fug Yourself.

2. Get green(er) with eco-tips from Ideal Bite.

3. Create an anagram from your name. For instance, Linda Sue Carrier becomes (heh, heh) "surlier radiance."

4. Coo over The Daily Puppy.

5. See how tech support worked in Medieval times. (You'll have to read subtitles.)


Susan Carrier said...

Go Fug Yourself is like a sassy Glamour Don't section on steroids. I'm addicted!

(And I'm also back from SF)

Mark and Dee said...

weel Miss Susan, Miss Dee and I are still in SFO and it is cold and foggy and moldy! We miss you and can't wait to get back and do some wonerful thing with you re: epic event to celebrate your victory - love Mark and Dee