Sunday, July 22, 2007

I thought she'd never leave!

Here's hoping Susan is having a food-filled funfest in San Francisco.

She said she was not bringing her laptop, and I believe her. But I wonder...will she be able to resist checking Cancer Banter from a public computer?

I predict she will post an entry or comment...before noon...on Wednesday.

What say the rest of you?

Or are all of you offline until Ninnie Choo Choo's return?


Anonymous said...

I think she will...once a blogger, always a blogger! (the girl can't help it:))

Lisa C.

Piper Robert said...

Paula, I agree with you, she'll at least check in. $5 says she does. Since you're webmaster pro tempore, may I have your permission to tell the "Grandma spanks Sue" story? (This ought to bring Ninnie Choo Choo out of the woodwork.)

Susan Carrier said...


If I had read Paula's posts before reading/accepting the comments, I would have let the comments sit idly until Thursday.


Yes, there's a free business center in the hotel.

BTW, we had the BEST day yesterday. Fabulous brunch and visit with Ed an Anne in Oakland, a walk through the redwood forests of Mill Valley, a view of Kim's fascinating house and dinner at an amazing Italian dinner in the Mission District.

Suzy keleher said...

LOL LOL LOL Suzy checking in...don't forget the crab sandwhiches and the crusty sourdough! Love to you Susan love, Suzy

Paula Johnson said...

Tee hee! Turns out I know my friends pretty dang well.

I once attended a baby shower and earned the top score in a trivia quiz about the mother-to-be. I beat out her own sister by many points.


Anonymous said...

Does that mean that Piper wins the $5?

Susan, glad you are having such a nice time there in S.F. --

Lisa C.