Sunday, July 8, 2007

Now You See It, Now You Don't

A lazy Sunday morning with friends in Laguna Beach - no hair, no makeup, no worries.


Piper Robert said...

Finally, you've quelched my curiosity. Cool and gutsy. I can hear Mom (with a wry smile)......."Linda Sue!"

Are you still wearing eye make-up?

Paula Johnson said...

I like how the dog could not be less interested. Unless you're packing treats under that wig, so what?

Susan Carrier said...

Re. eye makeup: I very seldom wear it, even though my eyelashes have nearly vanished.

I told Cindy that I put pictures of me and my naked head on the blog. Her first question was, "Were you at least wearing makeup?" She practically disowned me when I told her I wasn't, and, by the way, I was in my PJs.

I'm having wicked fun embarrassing my 18 year old!