Thursday, July 26, 2007

What I DIDN'T Do on Vacation

I didn't:

  • Go to a doctor's appointment.
  • Have a blood draw, transfusion, test or biopsy.
  • Talk or think obsessively about the Big C.
  • Do a single bit of cancer-related research.
  • Huff and puff after a four-mile walking excursion.
  • Pass out while single handedly flushing out my catheter line with Heperan.
  • Wear my wig, scarf or hat while taking a hike through the redwood forests of Mill Valley.
  • Feel self-conscious about the above.
BUT I did have a great time walking, shopping, eating and visiting with lots of good friends.


Marco said...

Glad to have you back! BTW, did you find Gumby in the anime' shop?

Cricket said...

SO GLAD you had such a great time and a well-deserved break from everything!

Lots of love...

Karen C said...

It was wonderful to see you. You look fantastic. It was a special afternoon.

Barbara Roth said...

Sarah and I so enjoyed spending time with you in San Francisco. You looked fabulous and seem to have more energy then ever. I hope your dinner was delicious. Hope we can see you soon in L.A. I read a quote today that reminds me of your attitude. You are truely a person who can turn chicken poop into chicken salad. You must be getting tired of hearing the lemons to lemonade quote by now.

Margaret Finnegan said...

Glad you had a great time. Steve, the girls and I are leaving tomorrow for a week away ourselves. I'll check in on you when we get back. Best,

Piper Robert said...

Another list would be, "What I didn't do in West Virginia."