Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Happy Hour at City of Hope

I came this morning for another blood draw and learned that my platelets have risen since Saturday, but they're still at a very low 13,000. That calls for another mid-afternoon Mai Tai here at the City of Hope.

My hemoglobin is at 8.6, up from 7.9 on Saturday. I was offered a red blood cell transfusion if I felt "tired, " but I turned it down flat. Just call me a low hemoglobin overachiever. I went on a 3+ mile walk last night and felt energized, in spite of the sultry heat.

Most disappointing is my white blood cell count. It's rising slowly to 1.9 thousand. Anything below 4,000 puts you in the "be careful" category. I was looking forward to bobbing around on a Boogey board at Santa Monica Beach tomorrow, but I've been given orders to stay out of the water. I think prejudice about the bacteria levels at Santa Monica Beach may be influencing this directive, but OK, OK, I'll stick to the sand. I just won't put my head in it!

Whether you're beaching, BBQing, watching fireworks or just relaxing, have a safe and happy holiday tomorrow.


SAMO Calling said...

Sunscreen Baby - All over - Lots!
Have fun.
(Sorrier, I'm a worrier)

Emmy said...

Enjoy your Fourth! Sun, sea and sand -- all rejuvenating (in moderation, like everything else in life). Sorry I missed the taco-fest :-(

Paula Johnson said...

I will be spending July 4th staining a piece of unfinished furniture I purchased more than two years ago. You could say I am declaring my independence from bare wood.

However, I do plan to enjoy some unstructured free time between 2:15 and 2:40 p.m. I may read a novel, or simply whistle a happy tune.

Paula Johnson said...

Oh, and if the bacteria at the beach is an issue, you might want to stay from my house, Susan.

I really, really need to scrub my kitchen floor.

Anonymous said...

Susan, have a good fourth - I hope you enjoy it -- and Paula, your kitchen floor isn't that bad:)

Lisa C.

JN said...

Hi Susan --

While you rock out at the beach, I'm huddling next to my portable air conditioner, looking forward to a movie outing with Dan this afternoon. Anything for coolth!