Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Talk About a Cliff Hanger

After the successful insertion of my Hickman catheter, a nurse called Dr. Forman to confirm that I would be admitted as an inpatient.

I wasn't too surprised to learn that I would not be admitted and would not be receiving my prepatory infusion of Cytoxin. At this point, I can only speculate on the reasons, and, as I hinted in my post this morning, most of them have to do with my inability to be a candidate for an auto (self) stem cell transplant.

I'm scheduled for a blood draw and consultation tomorrow afternoon and will get the next installment on this cliff hanger. And, yes, I'm getting better at living life as a page turner.


Karen said...

Dear Susan,

The Duck Family's thoughts are with you, and we know the Force is with you, too. We're also thrilled that you're getting the dress! Piper Robert: the Ducks will be glad to chip in, and make it a group birthday present! Just email me and let me know what our portion is.

Susan, I'm sending you a really big hug right now. Can you feel it? My arms are around you, your head is above mine (I'm short, remember), and all the Duck hearts are beating with yours, making beautiful music!

Mrs. Duck

Anonymous said...

Susan, sending you a big hug also {Susan} and hoping for good news soon --

Lisa C.

Paula Johnson said...

Here's hoping the uncertainty sorts itself out soon. And you're getting the dress!

Meanwhile, I had to smile at the name of the chemo: Cytoxin. What is the marketing approach for that product? Maybe...

You just can't spell Cytoxin with TOXIN! Nobody's more toxic than we are! Nobody!

Karen said...

Susan, keep us posted on the latest chapter in the unfolding saga. I don't know which will have more cliff-hangers - your treatment or the new Harry Potter novel that will be arriving on our doorstep Saturday!

I'm really glad you got that dress. I was contemplating trying to figure out where the store was and going to buy it for you myself! :-)

Let me know if you need a ride, a lunch date, etc.

the other Karen

Susan Carrier said...

Thanks for the generous offer about the dress, but I really was just teasing Robert about the price and buying it for me.

Your gift is encouraging me to buy it!

So true about the name Cytoxin. Reminds me of Botox - botulism and toxins. Really makes me want to run out and do that, but it hasn't deterred hundreds of thousands of customers.

Margaret Finnegan said...

So what happens now...if you aren't a candidate for the auto stem cell procedure?


Susan Carrier said...

If I can't do an auto stem cell transplant, I'll find a donor. Given my unusual set of circumstances, it may be a better option anyway.

elisa nixon said...

susan, it is elisa your pilates instructor here. i am checking in, and sending you love, and strength. will you still go to SF next week? i am really enjoying your blog, and you are an inspiration to all. you are a very special lady! we miss you, and hope to see you soon! please call me if you want me to come down the hill, or even to hotel hope! xo.

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan. Your blog is compelling reading to say the least! Are you reserving movie rights? Good luck with the next step ..whatever it turns out to be. Howard