Friday, July 20, 2007

Cancer Banter on Vacation

I'll be taking a few days off from blogging (and fretting and researching) while I'm in San Francisco from Sunday through Wednesday.

At first, I was reluctant to visit SF because I won't be able to indulge in two of my favorite activities: walking endlessly up and down the hills and through a dozen neighborhoods in a day (a challenge with low hemoglobin) and luxuriating in the communal baths at the Kabuki Japanese Spa (a no-no with the catheter). But nothing's stopping me from putting friends and food on the front burner.

Mary's flying up with me and we'll have brunch with Ed and Anne in Oakland before driving up with Kim to see her work-in-progress renovation in Mill Valley. Then we'll cap it off with a late dinner at the Slanted Door in SF. And that's just Sunday!

I'm also looking forward to seeing some other good buds - Barbara, who's driving in from the Sacramento area, Karen (and maybe Ken) who are taking the BART in to join me for lunch, and Bob, who lives in the city.

Dr. Chang will be calling me with the results of my skin biopsy on Monday, so I think I'll ring my faithful cancer correspondent to see if she can post an update for me.

Until next week!


Lisa Cooper-Keil said...

Three of my seven sisters celebrated a birthday at the Slanted Door a few years ago. Food was SPECTACULAR! Enjoy your time away and have fun. LL

Susan Carrier said...

That's quite an endorsement of the Slanted Door coming from Lisa. I've met five of the seven sisters, and each one is more intriguing than the next, and it's impossible to figure out which one is the best cook of the batch!

Karen said...

Don, Eric and I also ate at the Slanted Door and loved it. You're in a for a treat! Have a wonderful trip!

Karen C said...

E&O trading here we come. Ken will be joining us. Is George available too?