Saturday, July 14, 2007

What a Difference a Doc Makes

I underwent the CT scan and dreaded bone marrow biopsy (BMB) Friday afternoon. I'd read and heard repeatedly that the skill level of the doctor can make a world of difference in the pain level of the patient during a BMB. I'm here to second that emotion. I only uttered one tiny "ouch" as the bone marrow seeped into the needle. The rest of the speedy procedure was painless.

I should have the results of the BMB next week, along with the pathology reports from the skin biopsies that Dr. Chang will take on Monday. Both of these results could call for a significant change in direction in my treatment plan. If the BMB shows myelodysplasia (abnormality of the bone marrow caused by chemo treatment), I'll need an allo (donor) stem cell instead of an auto (my own stem cells) transplant. It's still uncertain what a confirmation of granulomatous slack skin disease will mean, but Dr. Forman is eager to work with Dr. Chang, and he's already brought on board the CoH specialist on T-Cell Lymphomas. What a team!


Paula Johnson said...

This is networking at its finest! The next thing you know, doctors Chang and Foreman will be going out shoe shopping together. Or whatever it is guys do.

I'm curious: what is the consistency of living bone marrow? Like...yogurt?

So sorry I could not get to Brentwood today. Too much on the calendar and too many client deadlines.

I will wait to read the comments. Let me know if someone video taped it, please.

Mathews Family said...

Glad your BMB went smoothly. How did it go today at your reading? Did anyone video tape it? I'd love to see it!