Sunday, September 7, 2008

Spam-a-Lot: Spam Musubi and Spam Fried Rice

My friend Carol gave me a can of Spam for Christmas.

Yesterday I decided to pull the can of much-maligned meat from the pantry to make Spam Musubi and Spam fried rice.

In the process, I made a surprising discovery: I like Spam-a-lot.

Read all about it on my food blog, Open Mouth, Insert Fork.


altadenahiker said...

I will no longer lose sleep over my canned corn beef hash confession. Without preconceived notions, however, I will read your spam recipe. bon appetit!.

Nelle said...

I just found your blog last week. I am a Hodgkins lymphoma survivor of many years. The cure when I had it was massive radiation and now I deal with some of the after effects
but I love life and savor each moment. By the way, I love pocketbooks! Not a fan of Spam as when I was little and my Dad was in the Navy Mom served it a LOT. Her favorite was under the broiler with a pineapple slice on top.

Susan C said...

AH: We're both members of the canned meat "hall of shame" now.

Nelle: Glad you found the blog. I enjoyed perusing yours too. My Japanese mom also made the Spam with a pineapple ring on top. We thought it was so FANCY!

janet aird said...

Hey Susan - Just found the link to the alternative medicine system, thanks. Interesting.

Jane Rollins said...

Susan, you and Dan will have to get together -- he adores Spam, too!

Susan C said...

Well, I wouldn't want to make a steady diet of it, but an occasional Spam musubi and bowl of Spam fried rice is a fun treat.