Monday, September 15, 2008

Click your way to an Italian brunch

Crostini with home-grown tomatoes and basil. Bruschetta with goat cheese and pesto. Melon and prosciutto. (I know where Pulitzer-prize winning food critic Jonathan Gold goes for the best prosciutto outside of Tuscany.) Italian sausage casserole. Bellinis. Chocolate florentine cookies.

Are we hungry yet?

I'd planned to invite the Cancer Banter walkers to a "thank you" Italian brunch in October, but have decided to open up the guest list to anyone who has donated at least $50 to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. We're only about a hundred dollars away from that $1,500 goal.

Those Bellinis and bruschetta are just a click away.


Nelle said...

Susan, Sorry I could only afford to give $50 right now and how I wish I could afford to make the trip and experience your lunch. I have a new sofa to pay for and some medical bills though. Hoping you hit your goal. If you are a sloth you must be SUPER slot because you seem to be accomplishing a lot! You go! :)

Susan C said...

It sure would be fun to meet you, Nelle. You're always welcome to visit if you're ever in So. Cal.

meomaas said...

Hi Susan, What a fun idea. Have you picked a date yet? Mary Ellen

Susan C said...

Hi MEM, That would be great if you could come in from Phoenix! I need to work out the date in October and will let you know right away.