Friday, September 12, 2008

This Old House

I wrote this in January during my 10-day stay at Hotel Hope for chemo-induced lung damage:

"I saw Dr. Dunst, my pulmonologist, yesterday and asked him why my body still feels so ravaged. He said that I'm like a house that's just been on fire. Something clearly created the devastation. The flames are no longer burning, but the evidence - the destruction, charring and ashes - are obvious. It takes time to rebuild. Just call me 'this old house.'"

I forgot.


Trish said... so true.

I keep asking my docs why I am still having blood count issues, or fractures, or tiredness or...or...or. They look at me and say "this is your body telling you 'don't do THAT to me again'.". To which I tell them "Ok, so tell my body we have a deal, no more cancer and it'll get no more chemo!". I am holding up my end of the deal.

Hang in there with the creaks and groans. Have patience with yourself and your body---it is not easy, I know. I tried to get on the treadmill yesterday. I stretched, I set my course and just could not hit the start button---too tired. I'll try again maybe tomorrow.

Susan C said...

Trish, In one of your emails to me a while back, you introduced me to a new concept: a strong-willed, athletic woman on occasion not being able to push herself. It's good to have role models who can do both.

And you crack me up: "I am holding up my end of the deal."