Monday, September 8, 2008

Bob in a Box

Bob, at 77, sipping our favorite drink, a Manhattan.

I had dinner with my dear friend Bob on Friday night.

He didn't have too much to say because he arrived in a 6x6x6" box. But, as they say, he was there in spirit as his best gal pals toasted him with pomegranate champagne cocktails.

Catching up with Kathy

"Bob's Gals" - Susan, Kathy, Linda and Kiki enjoy dinner with Bob at Phlight Restaurant, a Spanish tapas bar, in Old Town Whittier. Mary Ellen, the other member of our "posse," was celebrating her mother's 90th birthday.

It's ironic, isn't it, that I celebrated my return to the "land of the living" with a dinner that paid tribute to the dead.

I miss you, Bob. I miss you a lot.


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Trish said...

Am glad you got to go out "with" Bob. Too bad he was boxed. Lucky to hang out with a bunch of lovely babes!

May his memory be a blessing!