Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Saying Goodbye to Summer

Goodbye fresh tomatoes and basil.
Farewell peaches and plums.

Hello squash and pumpkins.
Welcome soups and stews.

Summer is fading. Fall is here. Find out more at Open Mouth, Insert Fork.


susiegb said...

ha ha - well, here in Australia we are the opposite! It's hello to rocket (arugula?) and lettuce and spinach picked from the garden, and peaches and nectarines just starting to appear in the shops ... Tomatoes starting to ripen on the vine, corn and melon seeds being planted - oh it's a wonderful time of year!

But I know that when summer comes (December onwards) it'll be too hot to be doing much gardening except for early morning/evenings, so have to make the most of it while I can ...

Ronni Gordon said...

I looked at your three recipes and they all sound like something I'd like to try if they're not too difficult. Hey did you say the temperature is in the low 80s? Harumph. We out here in New England are sitting here in sweat pants and sweat shirts (with the hood up) because we don't want to turn on the heat! One of these days I might have to move. When I come visit for that cup of tea with PJ maybe you won't be able to kick me out.

Susan C said...

Susie, I see that I will have to make a trip to Australia to get a decent tomato. Doesn't quite fit in with my local produce philosophy, but I could combine the tomato hunt with a visit to a former "cell mate."

Ronni, I'll be trying these recipes soon, and if they're easy I'll write about them. I have no interest in the complicated. Sweat pants? Geesh. No wonder all the food bloggers have turned to comfort food.

Cute about the guest who came for tea but didn't leave. : )