Friday, September 12, 2008

Bounty Hunting

I was at an all-time low in productivity over the last few weeks, but I did manage to host a Summer Harvest Potluck at our house for COFE-Altadena (Co-op Food Exchange of Altadena) and pitched and wrote about the group for the Home and Garden section of the LA Times.

It will hit the stands tomorrow, but you can read it online by going here:


Nelle said...

I read the article and what a fabulous idea. I used to have 2 acres and grow corn, cucumbers, tomatoes, even pumpkins. I downsized for smaller home. My lot now is narrow and deep. The back is heavily treed and borders wetlands which are preseerved. I am so limited as to what can be grown here and I miss the gardening. I have started frequenting a local neighbors type tiny farmers market some Saturdays where I can buy these locally grown and am enjoying it immsensely. Particularly knowing it is all organically grown. Really enjoyed the article.

Susan C said...

Thanks, Nelle. Your back yard sounds heavenly, even though it's not conducive to growing.

janet aird said...

Hi Susan - Great article. You must have written it when you were feeling pretty sick, too.