Sunday, April 1, 2007

True or False?

Since my bon voyage party, I've discovered that several misconceptions are circulating about my family. I thought I'd take a moment to clear up a few:

- Susan has a sister named Piper: FALSE
Susan has an older brother named Robert. His screen name is "Piper Robert" as in "bag piper." He's a tartan-toting, kilt-wearing, part-time professional bag piper in the Scottish state of West Virginia.

- Susan's sister (Piper?) was helping in the kitchen at the party: FALSE
Many thought that Lilliana, the lovely and elegant woman helping in the kitchen, bore a family resemblance, in spite of the fact that she's Latina and I'm half Japanese. The confusion more likely resulted because Lilliana was working so hard - something we expect more of from family than friends or even hired help.

- Susan has a younger, hermit-like brother James who does not stay in contact with the family. SAD BUT TRUE
We're trying to track him down so that we can let him know about my health. Who knows - we may need him as a stem cell donor.


Paula Johnson said...

I think I started the "Piper as sister" error in one of my comments.

But you know, on the TV show "Charmed," one of the sisters WAS named Piper!

Susan Carrier said...

And don't forget the actress, Piper Laurie.

Piper Robert said...

'S toigh leam briosgaidean gu mòr. Mar sin leibh an dràsda.