Sunday, April 15, 2007

Round One Roundup

Round one of Hyper CVAD is nearly completed, and I'm scheduled to check back in to Hotel Hope on Tuesday for round two of eight.

After doctors promised, "You WILL be sick," not "You might be sick," I was prepared for a rough voyage. Instead, I've experienced smooth sailing on calm seas.

Here's a roundup of round one:

  • Eye, Eye: We haven't taken any scans yet, but the tumor on my right eye appears to be shrinking.
  • Skin Deep: The persistent, one-year skin rash on my torso has nearly disappeared.
  • A Full Life: My life so far has been relatively active with time each day for family, exercise, socializing, reading, writing, working, running errands, light gardening and (the latest addition to my new lifestyle) napping.
  • Drive Time: Between treatments, I'm a frequent visitor to the City of Hope for PICC line cleanings, blood draws, consultations and chemo. Except for the chemo visit, I've been able to drive myself.
  • Food, Glorious Food: Other than a brief, three-days sans appetite, I'm continuing to enjoy the pleasures of the palate. (Ooh, that sounds a little naughty!)
  • Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: Since my hair started "shedding" three days ago, our house looks like it's been invaded by a Welsh Corgi during a heat wave. There are short clumps of hair everywhere. Chances are good that I will have made the transition from Welsh Corgi to Mexican Hairless by the next time I see you.

I know that many people from all over the country are praying for me and/or thinking positive thoughts for me. Thank you all so much for your continued prayers, good thoughts, love and support. Every day I count my family and many friends as the greatest blessings in my life.


Paula Johnson said...

Wouldn't it be poetic justice if your dog and cats really hated having tufts of HUMAN hair all over the house? Too bad you can't train Betty to vacuum.

So if you go in Tuesday, you will get out on Sunday?

Susan Carrier said...

Ha! Now there' a New Yorker cartoon. Bald cancer patient sits and reads a magazine while cats and dog vacuum and defur couch.

I think I get sprung on Saturday.

Mary said...

X rated comment from Mary...
Today Nina asked "why is Susan's pub full hair
going away?"
I could not believe me ears and asked her why she used the word pubic. She said "mommy I said Susan's BEAU FULL l hair"
Guess while you loose you hair I've lost my hearing..but know my NIna!
She wanted to ride the Careless Wheel today and her freind had to tell her it is called the

Susan Carrier said...

Funny. And if you're foolish enough to lose your "public" hair on a ferris wheel, then they're probably riding a "careless wheel."

And if you're not at all scared of losing your hair, it's a "fearless wheel."

Troy said...

Who needs to compete for a prime spot on Extreme Makeover when you can have Hyper CVAD?

Good luck with round 2 Susan!