Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Life's Synchronicity

Near Synchronicity: Less than 12 hours after meeting City of Hope CEO Michael Friedman, a book club friend sent an email invitation to an event sponsored by the University of Tulane. I peaked at the published 28-name guest list and saw that Dr. Friedman (Class of '68) and his wife Dr. Elizabeth Short plan to attend. But I won't be there because I'll be checked in at "Hotel Hope" during the event.

Double Synchronicity: I attended a cooking class last night at the Pasadena Buddhist Temple. Several months ago, I invited a woman I met at an Alhambra sushi bar. She has become a regular at the class, but we've never managed to show up on the same night. Until last night. I shared my latest diagnosis and treatment news with her, and she volunteered that she had just completed her second mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. She was back to teaching yoga classes less than four days later. What a woman! Two of her yoga students, who also attended last night's class, said that Amini is gifted at helping her students get in touch with their needs. Sign me up!

Four months ago, at this same cooking class, I became reacquainted with an old friend I first met at Mommy and Me Class in Pasadena 17 years ago. She is now a nurse in the hematology department, specializing in bone and stem cell transplant at (you guessed it) City of Hope.

The Power of Two: I plan to attend a writers' group in Encino this morning. After the meeting, I'll play homage to two of the gurus in my life. I'll follow the advice of Jonathan Gold, my favorite food critic, and get takeout food from Alcazar, an Armenian restaurant that Gold considers the best of the best.

And to follow the lead of guru Paula, the Encino double dipping will help me come close to unleashing the "power of three" by grouping two activities together. And just to add a little dose to the "freaky factor," it turns out that Alcazar is just a few steps down from the restaurant that's hosting the writing meeting. (Cue "Twilight Zone" music now.)

When I recently shared similar stories with Skye, she asked, "Do you think these things happen to you more often, or are you just more aware of them?"

I think part of it is being unafraid to go to a sushi bar alone, striking up a conversation with the couple sitting next to me and letting things unfold from there.

What do YOU think?


Suzy keleher said...

Hi Susan, I think these things are happening for a reason. A purpose beyond ourselves. We are all connected. For you, Susan, you are very connected right now. Each thread a connection like a beautiful tapestry being woven. The beauty and purpose of the tapestry is to illustrate the majesty of God working in your life...in all our lives. And, it is great fun! Love,Suzy

cgfryling said...

I think synchronicites are magical cooincidences. One writer, Squire Rushnell refers to these as God Winks. It's being in the perfect place at the perfect moment for what we need to have happen to propel us further along. May sound pretty Woohoo to some, but it's hpapened to me over and over.
Thinking of you always, Carla

Idelle Davidson said...

My comment isn't about synchronicity, it's about FOOD! If you like Middle Eastern, next time try Aroma Cafe, just a few blocks east of Alcazar. They serve a wonderful Israeli-style breakfast. Better yet, let me know the next time you'll be in the valley and I'll meet you there!

Paula Johnson said...

I know! I know! (Waving arm in air wildly.)

Now that you're not so crazy-busy, you can spot the opportunities and so-called "coincidences" that God flings in our paths daily. That's my theory.

Hey, and thanks for the "rule of three" shout-out. It's a modest little claim to fame, but I'll take it! I know Emily is a convert.

Karen said...

I think part of it is being unafraid to go to a sushi bar alone, striking up a conversation with the couple sitting next to me and letting things unfold from there.

I agree. You've opened yourself to life and people in such a wonderful manner for years. Because you continue to do that - make connections, talk to friends, put out invitations - lots of good things are bound to come back to you when you need them.

It's certainly a lesson for all of us about how to live, and explains what makes you so special to us, too!

skye moorhead said...

i think
angels watching over you

Piper Robert said...

I had a few Bible verses come to mind recently.

"Give and it shall be given to you, good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over."

You have sown love, compassion, and time to lots of people, over many years. Bobby and Emily can attest to that. Now your reaping the same, and in great abundance and favor.

Coincidence? Accident? How about answered prayer and God revealing Himself in a wonderful loving way. You have shown you care, now God is showing you He cares. Winks, as Carla said.

Also, here's an old gaelic proverb:
An làmh a bheir 'si a gheibh. The hand that gives is the hand that recieves. Pretty cool. Even though you're my little sister, I've always looked up to you. Love ya!!!

Piper Robert said...

p.s. How was Alcazar and what did you get?