Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Pole Dancing

"Slip, slide, wrap, spin, swing, emote and writhe like a vixen."

That's how Debbi began her recent story about pole dancing for Senior Life Magazine.

Unplug, stroll, pull, push, spin, and untangle cords like a cancer vixen. Although my version of "pole dancing" may not be as sensuous as Debbie's, I'm determined to make the most of the 24-7 dance partner tethered to my arm. I'm no longer afraid that I'll pull out my PICC line or die some ironic death, like getting strangled by my own IV cords.

Let the pole dancing begin!

I start out the
morning with a pole stroll down the tiled halls. I push my partner through a series of double doors and then pull him over the carpet into the light-filled lobby. We serpentine through a series of columns - left, right, left, right - with my hospital gown billowing. Like those hoofers on "Dancing with the Stars," we make it look easy.

I stop to twist and turn and untangle the electrical cord that's become wrapped up in my IV cords. We make one more spin around the lobby before heading back to the room. We smile and nod as we pass the staff,
silently wondering if they noticed our routine.

Back in the room, I smooth the cords and recharge my
partner. He'll go back to silently dispensing chemo and meds until our next mid-day pole dancing episode.


Susan Carrier said...

Troy said...

Do it Baby! Rock those plugs! Make the pole dance for you!

Thinking of you,
April 18, 2007 11:47 PM

skye said...

hi, susan
your zest amazes me
every time

Karen said...

You could make it a multiple pun -- pole and line (IV and conga) dancing -- if you could get some of the other patients to join you in a pole-dancing conga line! I'll bet the staff would love that! It would certainly be worthy of a picture in the paper!

JN said...

Susan, I can see you riffing on this post and turning it into an article for CURE magazine. Wonder if anyone has designed vixen-themed hospital gowns...maybe a little number in gold lame?

Susan Carrier said...

Great comments, everyone.

I especially like the idea of forming a conga line with my fellow lymphomaniacs, but the strange thing is that I haven't seen another patient since I've been here!

Karen said...

Maybe you haven't seen any other lymphomaniacs because they're all hiding behind masks! Though I don't suppose patients have to wear them.

Paula Johnson said...

No other patients? Now that has to be odd.

Um...maybe it's the off season?

Lilli said...

Susan --

Love the pole dancing, clock, food and all of your profound and well-phrased reflections. Also am loving the pics. Great addition!

Prayers and love still coming your way daily.

-- Lilli

Dani said...

I was just reminded...I came up with this thought when my Dad was in the hospital for his stroke...designers need to get on the ball and make some fashionable gowns. I mean come on...they ARE called gowns. The men's could be called suits! This would be an awesome challenge for those on Project is one of my guilty pleasures.
What would your gown look like if you could design the ideal one?