Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Food, Prizes and Celebrations

I can't think or write about food on this blog without mentioning Jonathan Gold. He's been my guru since I "discovered" his genius for food and writing in the 1980's when he wrote the "Counter Intelligence" column for the LA Times.

He's equally articulate at describing the best "roach coach" in town with the tastiest carnitas tacos or the finest French restaurant with the most delectable foie gras.

Yesterday, Gold became the first food critic in history to be honored with the Pulitzer Prize, the highest award in the field of journalism. Think Oscars for writers.

When I check out of Hotel Hope next weekend, I plan to celebrate my homecoming and Gold's prize by visiting one of his favorite LA food spots. (See the April 11 posting.)


Piper Robert said...

With all this talk of food, you'll have enough material to write a food/cook book. Your blog seesaws between cancer recovery and food. What's up with that? Do you have twinkies under your pillow? Love ya.

Carolyn H. said...

Jonathan Gold's daughter, Isabelle, was a Walden student, too! We have an article about his Pulitzer on the fridge in the staff lounge.

Glad round one went so well. We've got our fingers crossed about round two. As always, you're in our thoughts.

Susan Carrier said...

It's impossible to separate food from cancer recovery because I think they're closely intertwined.

As a matter of fact, I made the most delicious sukiyaki on Monday to commemorate my "last supper" at home for a few days.

Carolyn, how appropriate that the J. Gold article is posted on the fridge. He'd love that!