Thursday, April 19, 2007

Dancing with the Stars

Two of my favorite nurses, Beatriz and Margaret,
take a spin with my "dancing partner."


Karen said...

Do your nurses all wear masks over their faces when they come in your room? Or did they just don the masks so it would look like a picture from a costume party?

Susan Carrier said...

Karen, Sad to say that the nurses and all the staff are required to wear the masks when they visit my room. You'd think I was sick or something!

Karen said...

Surely they aren't afraid of catching anything from you. Cancer's not contagious! Do they wear them so that YOU won't catch anything? If so, why do let you pole dance all around the place?!

Piper Robert said...

Nice photo. May I make a suggestion? Your "partner" is very bland looking. He needs a face, arms, maybe a boa, whatever. What's his name? Turn him into Liberace. Put some life into it. You'll have the best pole on the planet. Your visitors could make an addition during each visit. Maybe this would encourage the other 'guests' of CoH to get going. Or is any of this allowed?
Love ya.

Paula Johnson said...

Note to self: Buy stock in companies that make masks and gloves.

They use 20 a day on Susan alone!