Monday, April 2, 2007

Best. News. Ever.

With all my "connections" at the City of Hope - the former COO, one degree of separation from the CEO and a CofH board member among my friends - it turns out a simpler one may have produced the result I've wanted all along.

When Dr. Snyder, the assistant head of the hematology department, made his rounds on Saturday morning, he announced, "I hear you have a lot of friends looking out for you." He mentioned Barbara, a friend who lives next door to my friend Mary. Barbara happens to be married to a prominent Pasadena oncologist, but her chance meeting with Dr. Snyder had nothing to do with the medical community. They had run into one another at temple the night before and Barbara asked Dr. Snyder to make sure I was well taken care of.

Dr. Snyder then asked me if Dr. Forman was my permanent doctor. I told him that he wasn't, but I sure would like him to be. He suggested, "Just ask him."

This morning I asked the world famous head of the hematology department, Dr. Forman, if he could take over as my permanent MD, and, to my delight, he said, "I think we can arrange that." Thirty minutes later it became official!


Piper Robert said...

You have one big Friend looking after you. Love ya.

Idelle Davidson said...

Wonderful! You've got the top dog. So glad you're getting good care.

SAMO Calling said...

Susan -
I'm not sure I've got the schedule straight. I had to reference back to previous posts and this is what I understand. You just completed round one - and are home now for two weeks before your return to COH for round two of a total of eight rounds of treatments right? If you feel well when you get home, are you pretty much expected to feel well for the two weeks?

skye moorhead said...

of course, susan
he will want to track the good results to the finish
also, how could he turn you down
I'm certain you have the best attitude and story telling of all his patients