Tuesday, April 17, 2007


In my last act of frugality before checking in to Hotel Hope, I am refusing to shampoo my hair.

No, it's not the pennies for the shampoo that have me worried. It's the mass exodus of hair that's sure to go down the drain when I massage my scalp.

The pipes in our 1928 English Tudor-style home were not designed with chemo patients in mind. The industrial-strength plumbing system at City of Hope, on the other hand, was engineered for folks like me.

So I'll save the $75 for the roto-rooting and wait to shampoo at Hotel Hope later today.

(Our plumber, by the way, lives two blocks away from us in an elaborate 4,000-square-foot mini mansion.)


frankie said...

Thinking of you and enjoying your sophisticated rants and observations.
Much love,

Paula Johnson said...

You have chemo, but what's my excuse?

My regular shedding finally stopped up the drain in my tub a few months back. My plumber warned me my luck would run out one day, and he was right.

All you need is one of those drop-in strainers. The ick factor of trashing the wad of hair beats paying the plumber, that's for sure.

That said, enjoy your shampoo!

Karen said...

It's Mrs. Duck. I've been away on vacation and am just catching up with you. I can tell you, from experience (thousands of dollars in plumbing bills -- no wonder your plumber lives in a mansion!) that you don't want to put anything down the drain that doesn't dissolve in water. Which, in all cases I'm aware of, includes hair. Even your Pixie Cut isn't short enough to save your pipes! Good luck with your next round!

Piper Robert said...

Your frugalness comes from Grandma. Do you have memories of Grandma's purse?

My prayers and faith are with you for round two. I remember telling Emily when she was into sports, and I was trying to portray a tuff guy image and get Emily in the right competitive mind frame, "Strothers don't cry!!!" Like in the Tom Hanks movie (A League of Their Own), "Baseball players don't cry!" If you remember, Emily was a real stud. I've recently revised my saying, now it's: "Sometimes Strothers don't cry. They cry when they really care." I remember you telling me in a calm voice, "It's alright to cry." Love ya.

Anonymous said...

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