Thursday, September 20, 2007

Word Play

I've been receiving voice mail messages, emails and blog comments to "Smooky," and, to tell the truth, I like it. I really like it.

It sure beats out the other possible nicknames based on adjectives that are frequently used to describe me:

Smart + Klutzy = Smutzy: I was first called klutzy when an anonymous seventh grader wrote "nosy and klutzy" beneath my name in a Slam Book. (How many of you remember that low-tech, mid-60's precursor to My Space?) Strangely enough, I didn't feel slammed. I just read the description, shrugged my bony shoulders and thought, "Yep, that's me." As a matter of fact, I'm still pretty nosy but now people clean it up and call me curious or inquisitive. Unfortunately, there's no way to pretty up klutzy, but I don't mind. Too bad Smutzy sounds so smutty.

Smart + Elegant = Smelegant: OK, I didn't say that I thought I was elegant, but, for some reason, others (including my doctor) often use this adjective to describe me. The downside is that Smelegant can easily be shortened to Smelly, and that ain't so elegant.

Smart + Quirky = Smirky: Some might consider quirky, a close relative to kooky, a pejorative, but I've always taken it as a compliment. After all, isn't it a little quirky to be both klutzy and elegant? And medical professionals have even applied the adjective to my cancer, as in "your quirky cancer." Silly me - I think if you have to have a disease, it should be a quirky one. (Sure beats "rare and deadly.") But who wants to be Smirky?

Smart + Bossy = Smossy: My immediate family members seem to think that I'm bossy. The name Smossy sounds both elegant and quirky, but. . . moi . . . bossy?!? Don't call me bossy!

Bottom line? I'm gonna' hang on to Smooky, hang on.


Suzy keleher said...

don't forget young and fashionable: yashy? so excited about the stem cells...i'll be doing a victory lap with you around the pool, or driveway or something! I'll probably skip the barium martini...maybe I'll go with a sour apple martini instead! So excited! Love you, Suze

Cricket said...

How about:

Smart + Perky = Smerky

It's a homonym for Smirky (Smart + Quirky).

Whoo-hoo! :-)

Paula Johnson said...

I've always wanted a friend with a preppy nickname like Biff or Babs or Mimsy or Winky.

Now I have Smooky.