Monday, September 17, 2007

Cancer Banter Upgrades

You may have noticed that I've recently added a sidebar with links to MCL and stem cell transplant-related sites. The stem cell transplant document is particularly enlightening.

And, thanks to fellow Pasadena blogger Susan Kitchens, I have a new and easy way for Cancer Banter readers to sign up for automatic updates. Just look for the box in the right sidebar that says, "Enter your email address." After you've signed up, Feedburner will let you know when I've added a new post. I've found that the Google updates come instantly, but it takes Feedburner a few hours to send out the alerts.


Susan K said...

Aah, cool. I see you took the RSS subscribe tool away, tho. That makes it not-as-easy for someone to subscribe to your site using a feedreader, tho (Google Reader, NewsGator, etc.).

Most feedreaders can automatically get the feed if you just give them the link to your site, i.e., (if you see the orange broadcasty icon in navigation bar where web address is -- in Firefox) then it's very easy to automatically discover the feed for the site.

I could seen an instance where it might be worthwhile to have the "subscribe to this feed" option available for some. But this is quasi-stab-in-the-dark thinking here. I know that my own surf and web habits are far different than the average bear's.

Susan Carrier said...

I think that your web habits are a lot more sophisticated than the average Cancer Banter reader's (and my own). I was afraid that two boxes would confuse and frustrate most readers.

Troy Corley said...

Excellent idea! Now I can really keep track of you!

Lots of love,