Friday, September 14, 2007

Weight Worry

I have witnesses to the fact that I've been eating this week. I shared tacos with Paula on Wednesday and broke bread with Karen (the other one) at our book club that evening.

On the other hand, Debbie saw me pick at my food at the Pasadena Buddhist Church cooking class on Tuesday. (I chalked this up to post-chemo appetite suppression.)

But even if I ate nothing this week, I find it hard to believe that I could peel weight off an already lean frame. But that's just what happened. I'm down nearly five pounds since my last time on the scales four days ago. I easily slithered into a size 4 skirt that's been hibernating in my closet for years.

I had assumed that anxiety was the culprit for my weight loss, but now I'm a little concerned that it's more. I'll discuss this with Dr. Forman.

Great - one more thing to add to my stress list.


SAMO Calling said...

While it's not the preferred method to sizing down, would it be too vain to try and enjoy the "slithering in" factor while you're there?

Susan Carrier said...

Believe me, I'm enjoying the size 4 status. I just don't like the way I'm getting there.

Susan Carrier said...

PS I just heard back from Dr. Forman. We're redoing the PET and CT scans next week, just to be on the safe side.

Piper Robert said...

Tear up the stress list. Replace it with a list of good things that happened to you today and let us know what they are.

Would anyone like to see a photo of my sister at one year old and me at three? As always, the Ninnie must put her stamp of approval on it.

Did you eat the circus peanuts?

Love ya!

SAMO Calling said...

Oh, come on Piper. What we really want from you is the uncensored, unapproved, full-on sibling "gonna-get-you-back" stuff.

Susan Carrier said...

"Replace it with a list of good things that happened to you today."

In case you hadn't noticed, that was the point of my last two blog posts - finding humor and joy around me.

And this morning I brought a book to share with the wife of my one of my fave patients. (He had a successful allo stem cell transplant and they'll be moving back to Hawaii next week after six months at Hope Village.) She had also picked up a book for me and surprised me with it this morning.

frankie said...

It was great to talk to you the other day.
I'm curious about the weight loss too.

much love,

Lilli said...

I know unexpected weight loss is always a worry, but once Dr. Forman figures it out perhaps you can have a whole heap of Duke's mayonnaise, B and G's, and even an extra hot dog without going to gym to compensate, just once. Maybe even twice.

Prayers and good thoughts coming your way all the way from Highland Park to Altadena!

Karen said...

Hmmm.... I thought I saw you pushing that chicken mole around on your plate and not eating very much the other night. I figured you just didn't like it or weren't hungry. And I noticed you also didn't take a beard papa!

(Not that I'm watching over you like a mother hen or anything. hee,hee.)

Maybe the weight loss is due to a combo of stress and lack of appetite?

Piper Robert said...

"Oh, come on Piper. What we really want from you is the uncensored, unapproved, full-on sibling "gonna-get-you-back" stuff."

Hmmmmm.........Ninnie Choo Choo was about as perfect a sister as one could have. Her occasional clutzy maneuver made for good story telling fodder. She has always been generous and kind. One of the top students in her class. (Teachers loved her.) Mom and Dad never had an ounce of trouble with her. Bobby and Emily think she is the world's greatest Aunt. Although, one time she almost got run over by a coal truck. Sheesh.

Hey, Sis, nice story about the book sharing. Love ya!

p.s. Those were my boots. I have proof.

Susan Carrier said...

Yes, I was pretty perfect. : )

Except for being a snotty daughter who swore to her parents, "I'm moving as far away from this place as I can get when I finish college."

Margaret Finnegan said...

Ok. I read this yesterday and having been thinking about you ever since. Finally, I have come up with what I think might work. You need to go to Bulgarini's Gelato -- it's right on Lake and Altadena Drive, right next to the Rite Aide. I think maybe you need to go everyday! Now, I know you are a healthy person and thus may lean toward the most excellent granita and sorbet. But these are desperate times, and I think you need all the butterfat you can get. I would recommend the largest size you can stomach. Now, all the flavors are good, but I would go for the pistacio or the chocolate hazelnut. That way you also have protein. It's worth a shot.

Susan Carrier said...

Ah, yes, Bulgarini - my favorite indulgence. As a matter of fact, George and I stopped in last night. They were out of my number-one gelato pick (chocolate orange), but I settled for a dab of chocolate with a dab of banana sorbet. Yum!

Susan Carrier said...

PS I should change the name of the post to "Weight Watchers" 'cause now everyone's watching what (and how much) I eat.

Susan K said...

Add me to your witness list. After the Pasadena Blogger Office Hours (check out that nice sign up to receive email updates to this site widget in the sidebar, people!), we made our way to Europane where One Susan (that'd be this site's host) talked The Other Susan (that'd be me) into trying the chicken salad sandwich on rosemary bread. yummmmmmm. Both Susans ate the whole things.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you often. At a recent Hillsides Benefit meeting several people mentioned how great you were and how terrific your blog is...very clever but keeps us all informed on what's happening in your life. Hang in there...lots of prayers are coming your way. love Barb