Friday, September 28, 2007

PET(ty) Ramblings

I don't know if it was the vet, the PET whisperer, the PET psychic or the Maytag man who worked their magic, but the City of Hope PET Scan equipment was up and purring by the time I arrived today for my 12:30 scan.

I had set my alarm for 6:15 this morning so that I could prepare a high protein breakfast, the only food group allowed before the 6:30 start of my pre-scan fast. Unfortunately, I couldn't make a preemptive strike against hunger because making ZZZ's was more enticing than making bacon and eggs.

I managed to go about my day on an empty stomach, even though food mocked me everywhere. The recipe for Frances's cabbage rolls (more on this in a future post) was waiting for me in my email inbox. The staff in the PET Scan department were carrying on an animated discussion about the merits of adding a dash of vinegar to foods. Even the PET Scan machine looked like a giant glazed donut on steroids. Before entering the donut hole, I took a milligram of Atavan, and slept the deepest, most restful slumber imaginable, while visions of strawberry donuts from The Donut Man danced in my head.

These PET Scan machines, by the way, are works of art. The one pictured in my last post looks like it was designed by Philippe Starck or Mies "less is more" Van Der Rohe. I think architect-designer Michael Graves should defect from Target and switch over to designing hospital equipment. Or Martha could come up with a design to go with her new line at Macy's. Faux bois PET scan anyone? (At the very least, we should get Martha, or maybe even Vera Wang, to work on designing a hospital gown that's both flattering and functional. Is that too much to ask?)

After the scan was over at 3 pm, I got to satisfy my grumbling gut with my favorite addiction - an iced passion fruit green tea from Au 79 in Arcadia. I never thought I'd live to see the day (no pun intended) when I'd pay $4.00 for an iced tea (no refills, thank you very much), but that's exactly what I do at least twice a week. The food is just a notch above mediocre, but after a day of fasting, the late lunch of minced pork, steamed rice and a soy bean, corn and cabbage salad was just what the doctor ordered.

Speaking of the good doctor, I'll meet with Dr. Forman on Monday afternoon to discuss the scan results and our next steps. Yep - I'm still moving closer to the answer to "When's the date?"

Have a great weekend, friends. Mine is jam-packed with activities (attending a friend's birthday celebration tonight, hosting an Italian-themed bridal shower on Saturday, visiting at least two of the Japanese gardens on the LA Conservancy garden tour and reading "Pole Dancing" at the WeHo Book Fair on Sunday at 4:25 PM), so I probably won't post again until Monday.


Paula L. Johnson said...

Hey, maybe one of the PET scan manufacturers could boost their visibility by working with a celebrity spokesperson.

Yes, I am talking about YOU, Tom Petty. (Your Heartbreakers can go shill for one of the pacemaker brands.)

Hee. I'm tired and thus extra silly.

Susan Carrier said...

Your idea may not be so far fetched after all. I noticed a GE logo on the PET Scan machine, and, as you probably know, that company has more holdings than God. (No offense, God.)

Including NBC Universal.

Susan Carrier said...

PS The Sundance Channel, a holding of NBC, made a documentary about Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

Susan Carrier said...

PPS I think Petty's record label MCA is also part of Universal? Mrs. Duck?

Anonymous said...

I agree. Fasting sucks. I've had to fast to prep for colonoscopy exams. They make you drink gallons of this cherry-flavored liquid from the pharmacy called "Go Lightly" and you can't eat for an entire day. During those 24 hours, everywhere you look you see food -- magazine ads, television, etc. Makes you really look forward to your next meal!


PS: Love Tom Petty -- I'll have to look for the documentary.

Susan Carrier said...

An enema called "Go Lightly"? Now that marketing person had a sense of humor. Or maybe they watched Breakfast at Tiffany's one too many times.

Paula L. Johnson said...

Just a note to say I can't make the book event after all. I'll be driving around to pick up a few last minute items for the Hillsides auction on Sunday. My living room looks like a store. I'll be glad when I can clear everything out!

So, Smooky, try to get someone to shoot video of your performance. I think you can include video on your blog!

Karen said...

It's not MCA Records anymore, its Universal Music Group (UMG) and, no, they're not part of the Universal/NBC/GE empire. They got a divorce when GE stepped in. UMG is now in bed with Vivendi, which owns it lock, stock and two smoking barrels.

U2 records with UMG. Maybe GE could ask UMG to let Bono be a spokeseprson for PET scanners, to prove that the divorce was amicable? UMG could say they're doing it "For the sake of the kids" -- that would also tie in well with the Music Industry's support for the City of Hope. Gwen Stefani (another UMG artist) could design the hospital gowns, and sell them as part of her new clothing line. Actually, maybe Dr. Dre (another UMG artist) should be the PET scan spokesperson, since he has "Dr." in his name.

Actually, the person who ought to promote PET scanners is David Cronnenberg, who directed the 1981 horrror sci-fi flick "Scanners". Have you seen it? Scanners are people with superpowerful brains. A bad one is on the loose, using his incredible powers to cause his enemies' heads to explode. No, I'm not making that up. That's what the story's about. Actually, I liked the movie. It was (inadvertently) funny, in a super macabre way.

I'm glad your scanner finally decided to be agreeable. Good luck on Monday! And have a wonderful weekend! I don't know how you can do so much. I got tired just reading the list of what you have planned.

Mrs. Duck
(I sign my name only because I can't figure out how to make my blog identity "Mrs. Duck", which would make life much simpler. Tips anyone?)

Susan Carrier said...

Geesh - the whole GE, Universal, NBC, Vivendi thing is harder to follow than the break up (and subsequent remarriage) of AT&T.

I like the idea of Gwen Stefani designing hospital gowns.

Margaret Finnegan said...

Hope tomorrow's results are good. I'll be thinking of you.

Paula L. Johnson said...

- - -
Mrs. Duck
(I sign my name only because I can't figure out how to make my blog identity "Mrs. Duck", which would make life much simpler. Tips anyone?)
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