Thursday, September 20, 2007

So . . . When's the date?

Now that I have more than two million in the bank, I'm getting closer to being able to answer the big question.

I'll meet with Dr. Forman on Thursday to discuss the results of today's CT and next Wednesday's PET scans. (By the way, even with my fancy glass, I couldn't stomach my last barium cocktail. It came up, along with today's lunch.) Assuming that I'm still clean, we'll talk about whether I should do another round of Hyper CVAD. If so, it could be several weeks before the stem cell transplant (SCT). If not, I'll move on to two weeks of out patient radio autoimmune therapy* before the SCT. (*This is a must click and must read document.)

As I've mentioned to several of you before, it's fairly easy to reach remission with Mantle Cell Lymphoma (MCL), but it's a little trickier to stay there. All of these potential treatments are powerful relapse prevention tools.

Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link! This cancer (and therefore its treatment) is so different from the ones we more commonly hear about. I'm glad I finally understand.

Congrats on breaking the 2 million mark! We all look forward to hearing more good news as your treatment continues.

Tara In Virginia

Margaret Finnegan said...

Go Susan, Go! Go Susan, Go!

frankie said...

I will be out of town next week but I'll be thinking about you.
Take good care.

Lisa C-K said...

I have ABSOLUTE faith that there is not a power in heaven or earth that could rest the remission from your body! You are an amazing spirit, and the stem cell thingy will work and keep you cancer free. You are too strong for it to be any other way.

janet aird said...

Fabulous news re the stem cells. Great to know. You sure know how to keep the suspense going!