Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Get out the running shoes!

I'm planning on wearing my running shoes to CoH tomorrow so that I can do a victory lap around the harvest room.

Yesterday's stem cell collection was up slightly to .13 million, bringing the total to 1.94 million. Dr. Wang feels certain that today's harvest will put me over the 2 million mark.

I'll also be bringing along my martini glass so that I can have an afternoon cocktail of Berry Barium in preparation for my evening CT scan. The results of the CT scan and next week's PET scan will put my mind at ease about the return of the disease. But I've been less nervous since my rapid weight loss has been followed by a rapid weight gain. Just call me the Bobby DeNiro of CoH.

The size 4 was fun while it lasted!


Paula Johnson said...

Glad you're gaining a few pounds. It sounds like you had that size 4 skirt surgically removed in the nick of time. You could have had stage 3 muffin top!

Piper Robert said...

Looking forward to hearing about your victory lap. Love ya!

Hey Paula, did my sister tell you I picked you out of a "lineup" on the first attempt? You have the mischevious grin.

Emmy said...

My thoughts and prayers will be with you all day. Heck, all week. I'm glad you've shed the size 4 -- you're much too much of a foodie (that's a good thing in my book) to waste (or waist) your time hanging around a 4!

Karen said...

Yay for the stem cell rally!

Paula, nick of time is right. If she had stayed stuck in that skirt any longer, Susan might have had to go in for a muffin-ectomy. ;-)

Paula Johnson said...

Me? Mischievous? And here I thought I was playing it cool all these years.