Thursday, September 13, 2007

This is a public service announcement...

As some of you may know, both Susan and I are supporters of Hillsides. She's in the Hillsides Guild and I'm in the Hillsides Volunteer Network. On Sunday, October 7, you can join us and support Hillsides by shopping…or laughing…or both.

From 5:30 to 6:45 p.m, the Hillsides Volunteer Network will hold a silent auction featuring dozens of items, including fine jewelry, fashion accessories, gift baskets, DVD and CD boxed sets, fragrance collections, restaurant certificates, and more.

The silent auction will be held on The Ice House's patio and everyone is welcome. Feel
free to outbid Susan on items you both want. You just know she'll try to play the "cancer card" to lock up all the good stuff for herself!

At 7 p.m., The Ice House will celebrate its 47th anniversary by presenting a great line-up of name comedians—all of whom are donating their time to help the children of Hillsides. We'll have a short voice auction for a few items, including a Disneyland Castle package.

Show tickets are $35 plus the usual two-drink minimum. Call 626/577-1894 for tickets to the comedy show.
Whether you hit the auction, catch the show or (you wild thang, you) do both, your support funds outings and special projects for the children of Hillsides.

Hope to see you on October 7.

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Susan Carrier said...

I attended the auction last year and walked away with three great items.

And you may even pick up a life-altering prize, like Paula did last year when she won the comedy class.

I'm going hog wild this year and doing both the auction and the comedy show.