Thursday, January 1, 2009

One More Reason I HEART City of Hope

Amazing research is happening in AIDS as well as cancer.

For example, researchers are exploring if a bone marrow transplant can keep HIV from turning into AIDS.

Click here to watch KABC-TV's story on City of Hope's development of a promising new gene therapy that uses the patient's own blood stem cells.


Sara Huizenga Lubbers said...

My Dad has AML, Leukemia...and it won't go away. And now these new leaders of him, the ones who seemingly have held his life ever since this ugly devil of a disease crept into it, they can't do anything more to make him better. Medically speaking, we're supposed to give up.

How do you that? Just give up?

How do you give up on someone who from all outward appearances is healthy and strong? How do you accept the ending for someone who eagerly anticipates so much more life? How do you close an unfinished story, how do you snuff out an eternal flame?

Susan C said...

Hello Sara,
Oh, my heart just ached for you after I read your comment.

Have you sought out second opinions from any of the leading cancer centers? I see from your profile that you're in Michigan. Has your dad been to the Cleveland Clinic.

I wish you peace and strength on this journey with your dad.

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