Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mutts on the Move - KTLA Channel 5 on Friday Morning

Tune it to KTLA, channel 5, tomorrow morning for pre-Doo Dah Parade coverage in Pasadena. Reporter Gayle Anderson will interview 14-year-old hapa Scott Fleeman and me about our entry, Mutts for Marrow. When I spoke with Gail this morning, she said, "This sounds twisted. I love it."

Of course, Queen Skittles and Grand Marshall Charles Phoenix will be there too.

Krissy, Queen of the Mutts, isn't available tomorrow, but she'll be leading us at the parade on Sunday wearing her dog biscuit tiara.

Come out and catch a dog bone biscuit on Sunday. Steve's Pets in Altadena generously donated a few hundred doggie treats for the event.

If you're a mutt or a minority and you'd like to march with us, it's not too late. Just show up at Memorial Park at 10:30 on Sunday with the $10 fee. We'll provide the bones.


altadenahiker said...

Phoebe is too old to participate, though the event would send her over the moon. But I'll wave, and I'll fetch, and take some pictures for your brother Piper so he can torture you later.

Susan C said...

"so he can torture you later" - yea, that's what being a sibling is all about.

That would be great if you took pics.

Barbara Roth said...

Sure wish I lived closer. I would love to march with you and the mutts. Could bring my mutt too. You sure know how to have a good time.

Trish said...

I'll be marching with you all in spirit---between being too far away and medical issues, I'm not up for marching at the moment..Doo-Dah or Rose! but dangit, I have THE WAVE down pat. Been practicing for years!

Have fun, raise awareness and fight on SC...oh, wait, wrong parade! ;=)


Nelle said...

OH how I wish I could show up with Duffy! Right now the silly pup is insisting on being outside in the single digit temps! He has the heaviest coat and seems to be in his glory. This is such a great fund raiser. Perhaps you could sponsor a dog in the future?