Wednesday, December 31, 2008

By popular demand . . .

Betty, wearing her favorite pink dress, attempts to escape the paparazzi.

Betty: Does this make my hips look big?
Susan: I can't like to you, Betty. . .

Betty and the entire Carrier household wish you all a very happy, healthy, humiliation-free 2009!

(Actually, if we don't have at least one humiliating experience, maybe we're not taking enough risks.)


altadenahiker said...

Betty looks elegant! Happy New Year, wonderful Susan.

Susan C said...

Elegant? Betty will be so pleased to hear your comment. Darn, I forgot her pearls.

Trish said...

oh noooooo! Poor Betty. Tell her I am sorry on my behalf!

Wait, the dog has PEARLS?!?!

I wish a healthy and happy New Year for you, Betty, the kitties and Cynthia.

Susan C said...

LOL, I'll share your sympathy with Betty.

Don't forget Brownie (although I try to).

Margaret said...

I think Betty looks fabulous. Happy New Year. Here's to a great 2009!

Susan C said...

Margaret, yes, Betty does look fabulous. And healthy too.

Piper Robert said...

Would you give us the origins of the dress?

Have you thought about a matching dress for you?

Happy New Year!!! We're back from Disney World.

altadenahiker said...

I love, love, love the matching dress concept. Brilliant.

Susan C said...

Piper, Cynthia is a big fan of canine couture. Brownie has an extensive wardrobe.

Me in a hot pink dress? I don't think so. I haven't owned one since 1979.

BTW, I removed Betty's dress after a neighbor asked me, "Are you the owner of the dog in the pink dress?" Humiliating.

Piper Robert said...

Oh, Cynthia's doing. I can picture that.

So, you did own one. On what occasion did you wear the hot pink dress? Do you have pictures?

May I post (again) the Christmas picture of you wearing my cowboy boots and riding my bike?

Trish said...

I didn't get to meet Brownie---behind the door?

Poor Betty...I think the only thing worse would be BOTH of you in hot pink out for a walk. ;-) Then the neighbor won't have to ask! Not that you in hot pink is a bad thing...but the twin thing is a bit much.

I think somewhere there is a pic of me passed out as a child in cowboy boots and a dress after a tiring holiday of opening presents.

Thankfully, no siblings to threaten posting of said pic!

Susan C said...

Piper, you're so sweet to ask. Sure, go ahead and post that old Christmas photo.

Trish, I try to keep Brownie the Chihuahua behind closed doors.

I'm trying to picture Betty and I walking together in matching dresses. It is a pretty funny thought.

Oh, and were those YOUR cowboy boots? (Here we go again.)

Susan C said...

Trish, I try to keep Brownie the Chihuahua behind closed doors.

The thought of Betty and I parading around the neighborhood in matching dresses is pretty funny. We could enter the Doo Dah parade - "Mutts for Marrow."

Robert, sure, go ahead and post the pic. Sweet of you to ask first.

Oh, and what do you mean "YOUR" cowboy boots? (Here we go again.)

altadenahiker said...

I am certainly looking forward to that picture (If Piper is not a slacker, we should see it soon). And I think someone should photoshop Susan and Betty when they're pretty in pink.