Monday, January 19, 2009

Zippity Doo Dah to Mutts for Marrow

I don't have time to post my Doo Dah photos today, so I'll share the work of several other local bloggers.

Nancy's Update: When Nancy heard about the Mutts for Marrow, she jumped in with all four paws, recruiting mutts and designing tiaras. I have Nancy to thank (and blame) for getting me involved with A3M.

West Coast Grrlie Blather: Kelly, another fan of cause-related fun, marched with Thorny Rose Ann Lau and the Great Firewall of China Marching Brigade.

KCH Blog: Kathy got some great shots, including one of the Mutts for Marrow.


Nancy said...

This was a great venue to spread the word about the need for minority and mixed-race donors. You have great ideas Susan!!! Glad you are part of the A3M mission. You are definitely a great addition to the cause and bring fantastic ideas and energy... You are truly inspirational! love ya, n

Susan C said...

I loved the way we all (including 7-year-old Brooke) were "racial profiling" the crowd - spotting mutts and minorities and hand delivering information and encouragement to register.