Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Be the Change in 2009!

If you resolved to get lean, get fit, get organized or get out of town in 2009, you're not alone. Most resolutions focus on how we can improve our own lives.

But one of my proudest parenting moments came when members of Cynthia's fourth grade class at Walden School were asked to make a New Year's resolution. She decided that she wanted to do more to help others. Since she had to quantify her resolution, she set out to volunteer at Union Station two times a month instead of just once.

We could all learn a thing or two.

My friend Lilli has made it a little easier for those of us in the San Gabriel Valley to follow in Cynthia's early footsteps. She has posted an excellent roundup of volunteer and giving opportunities to help our neighbors in need of food and shelter. In these tough economic times, the need has increased, but donations have decreased.

Also check out KCH's recent post, If He Can End up on Skid Row, So Can We.

And if you want to find out how to speak out about state budget cuts adversely effecting the homeless, go here.

While you're in the giving mode, don't forget three other ways you can literally give of yourself:
  • Donate blood or platelets to the American Red Cross. Don't wait for a national or international disaster to give.
  • Donate blood or platelets to City of Hope or your local cancer center. I'll never forget the day when, after my stem cell transplant, I desperately needed platelets, but none were available for two days. Before that day, I had taken for granted that blood and platelets would always be available for me.
Now I'm feeling a little shallow about my 2009 resolution.


pasadenapio said...

She's a good girl.

Many years ago, when we lived in Walnut Creek, my children volunteered at a nursing home that was near their school, reading to the patients, etc. They loved it.

Susan C said...

She's 19 now, but she still has a good, soft heart.

Sounds like your kids have good hearts too.

Ronni Gordon said...

Thanks for taking the time to point out all those worthy things. I can especially relate to donating platelets; my body has gotten finnicky and now only wants HLA-matched platelets, and right now there are none available. I might bump from regular ones, but they're not reliable. Hey I like your 2009 resolutions!

Killer said...

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