Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Running Nowhere

I had the running dream again last night.

In the BC days, when I had the running dream, someone or something was chasing me.

Now, I'm chasing something. It's not something concrete, like a bus to catch or a baby to save. I don't know what I'm after, but I can't get there fast enough. I run along the side of a picket fence and propel myself by pushing off the stakes, like a breast stroker, shoving back the water and then gliding.

I do it so that I can reach my unknown destination faster and save energy at the same time.

I'm exhausted now. Tonight, I don't want to dream of running. I just want to sleep.


Karen said...

You can't get there any faster than the speed of time.

Maybe it's a sign: slow down! Don't drive yourself so hard. Nothing (and no one) is insignificant. You are significant even if you lie and around and do nothing for a day. Or two. Or more.

That's what Thich Nhat Han makes clear: the most seemingly quiet, "nothing" moment is filled with richness. Maybe you need to bestow some riches on your quiet side for awhile.

You know, the number line is filled with an infinite number of teeny tiny infinitely small -- and thus seemingly insignificant --points. But if you take even one of them away, the whole structure -- all the connectivity, logic, ratios, relations and meaning -- evaporated. Without infinitessimals, there is no infinity. Without individuals, there is no Man. No man is an island -- which means that no man is insignificant, unless we all are.

SAMO Calling said...

How interesting...I love dreams! I think dreams are the mind's way of digesting your subconscious.

I've been falling off an overpass to a levy for years now (but never hitting bottom). Also, I've been flying for years. I'm overdue for that one. It's so fantastic!

Maybe you were doing Revlon with me after all.

Karen said...

And another thing! If YOU feel small and insignificant after reading the young woman's blog, imagine how all of us feel! We haven't been tested nearly as much as either of you. Does that diminish us? Of course not! We're still important ... not just in our minds, but in the minds of everyone who loves and cares about us. Which means that you, Susan, are VERY important, because many, many, many people love and care about you!

Lilli said...

You're probably running the race of your life, but you'll get there. This may seem counter-intuitive, but part of what will get you there will be getting some rest, which I hope you do soon. Let someone else do the running around for a change!