Sunday, May 20, 2007

Desperate Housewife?

At last, I have something in common with one of the ladies on Wisteria Lane. No, I don't have two men dueling for my hand in marriage, and I'm not faking a six-month pregnancy.

But I do have Lymphoma. Last week we learned that Lynette's swollen lymph nodes were lymphoma, and tonight we discover that it's the Hodgkin's variety, which she informs a family member is "the one you want to get."

Lynette's mom, a breast cancer survivor, moves in and informs her dazed daughter, "Prepare to be sicker than you can even imagine." Thank God chemo is less debilitating that it was 20+ years ago when Lynette's mom underwent treatment. I hope Lynette has it as easy as I have, but that probably wouldn't make very good drama.

I'm sure every So. Cal lymphoma patient or survivor is thinking the same thing: I should be a consultant on the show. The possibilties are endless. Imagine the girls bonding as they go "up in smoke" at a medical marijuana party.


Karen said...

So I take it when you say "as easy as I have" you mean that you've come through the last round doing well? Your blood counts are good? I hope the spreadsheets reflect this and are not filled with lots of colors!

Take care.

Mrs. Duck

Susan Carrier said...

By the way, Did I hear it right last night? Does Lynette have Hodgkin's or non-Hodgkin's lymphoma? (I know that there are closet DH fans lurking.)

I'll find out today about my blood counts. The 'roids, which I must take for four days, make me feel like a cross between the Ever Ready Bunny and Super Woman, but I still huff and puff, which means that my hemoglobin is still low.

And, in spite of my annihilated blood counts after Course B, I still think I've had it relatively easy. But that could just be the 'roids talkin'.

Susan Carrier said...

Okay - I heard it wrong because I was just walking into the room when Lynette announced her lymphoma type.

She has HODGKIN's, not non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

I've now corrected the main post.

Piper Robert said...

Hey, Sis. Let us know about the bloodcounts. After spending all those summers on Grandma's farm, maybe this appears easy to you, but it would kick a mere mortal's hind end. The hours spent weeding the garden has it's merits. Do you remember the time we dug a BIG HOLE in the ground? You and I dug a BIG HOLE at our Grandma's farm and then we sat in it to relax. Go figure. But we dug it under a shade tree, so there was always a slight breeze. Regretfully, we had to fill in the BIG HOLE when we caught the cellar house on fire. But that's another yarn. Love ya!
Psalm 6:2

Why is Karen's moniker, "Mrs. Duck". Sounds like an interesting story.

Suzy keleher said...

Yes, please tell us about Mrs. Duck...or maybe even Mrs. Duck will tell us? Suze

Karen said...

A history of the origin of "Mrs.Duck":

Once there was a lawyer named Don who had a very witty lawyer friend named Ricky. (I know, "witty lawyer" is an oxymoron. I can say that because I'm a lawyer, and the one right minority groups have is the right to make fun of themselves.) Anyway, Ricky is a great guy, out of a Disney cartoon (I'm not saying which character), and he and Don became such good friends that Ricky had to name Don after a Disney character. Guess which one? Well, "Goofy" wasn't a hit with Don, so he became "The Duck" instead. (Sort of like "The Donald", only not.) Then, when The Duck wed his true love ... nee Karen ... she became ... no, not "The Mrs. Duck", nor even "Mrs. The Duck", just plain, humble "Mrs. Duck". (Ricky needs to brush up on his EEOC law.) And, when the Ducks had kids, guess what? "The Ducklings"! (Yes, they get "The" in front of their names. Life's not fair.)

Of course, the whole thing has driven us quackers. Especially on gift-giving occassions, when Ricky manages to out-do himself, again and again, and come up with yet another duck-themed gift!

I would try to get even with Ricky, but the only Ricky's I can think of are Ricardo and Nelson, and it just isn't funny to call Ricky by those names. It's not silly enough. Not half as silly as the glorious moniker "The Duck" which, believe it or not, all of the Ducks have come to love, almost as much as they love the crazy lawyer who bestowed the name on them!

Susan Carrier said...

Great story!

I'm glad that Karen adds the Mrs. Duck moniker because I have two other Karen friends who post comments. (Neither of them have animal associations.)

Piper Robert said...

Thanks, Karen. Great story. May we have a sidebar? Look at the other nicknames, THE Duck, THE Ducklings. You are the only one with an official title......MRS. Duck. A quite honorable one at that. They should feel snipped.