Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Under worked and overjoyed


It's Paula Johnson, your cancer correspondent, checking in to say I am thrilled that Susan has been able to blog so faithfully before, during and after her rounds of chemo.

I was ready to scrawl up-to-the minute progress reports in my brand spanking new, regulation reporter's notebook, and then race to my computer to hammer out the latest update for Cancer Banter.

I had even planned to occasionally yell "stop the presses!" just for dramatic effect. Maybe get one of those flak jackets you see journalists wearing when they report from a war zone.

But I haven't had to blog much on Susan's behalf, and that suits me fine. She's doing well, so I have more time to send earnest* emails to George suggesting that he and Cindy learn their way around a kitchen already. A little father/daughter teamwork at Dream Dinners perhaps?

*In this case, "earnest" is code for “vaguely threatening.” War is hell.


Susan Carrier said...

Paula's writing is so much fun to read and she has so many fans in my cancerbanter network that I'm convinced that I need to call in a story during my next Hotel Hope stay!

Piper Robert said...

Looking forward to another funny story from Paula.

Hmmmm.....Paula, is that sausage gravy I see on your blouse?

Suzy Keleher said...

Ready steady,here comes the spagetti! Here's to a great blogging duo: Susan and Paula Charter member of Susan's fan club since 1975. New member of Paula's fan club since 2007! love, Suze

Paula Johnson said...

No, Robert, it's most likely guacamole on my shirt!

I gave up meat for a month about 15 years ago and never went back. Still love salmon, however! Oh, great. Now I want salmon. Why doesn't this ever happen when I talk about celery?