Saturday, May 12, 2007

Pre-Prom Memories at the City of Hope

Behind the scenes:

  • Two dress fitting
  • Two tuxedo fittings
  • Four shoe searches and one return
  • Three "underpinnings" searches
  • Three tie searches
  • One corsage order
  • One exhausted mom and dad


Piper Robert said...

Wow....awesome. I see Andrew is touching Cindy's hand in one of the photos. How long has that been going on? Yes, yes, I know, quit being protective. I still think of Cindy as my little 9 year old niece. Beautiful photos. George is really beaming and so is Andrew, but who wouldn't be with Cindy beside you. You must be very proud and thankful. Love ya!

Rebecca said...

Holy cow. Cynthia grew up to be quite the gorgeous young woman! I think of her as the lithe young brunette at Walden School so many years ago. What a handsome couple! I hope she had a wonderful time...