Thursday, May 24, 2007

Headlines from the Home Front

Cindy Carrier to Earn High School Diploma: It's official! Yesterday we received a message from the head of the school informing us that Cindy has completed all of the requirements for graduation and will march with her class this evening. Let the celebration begin!

Niece and Great Nephew Postpone Visit: At the last minute, my four-month-old great nephew Will became ill, so Emily wasn't able to fly out from Atlanta this week. At this point, a sick baby presents a double whammy: the challenge of airplane travel and the threat of my compromised white blood system. I'll just have to wait until "Big Will" is a little bigger before I hold him for the firs time.

Barbie and Ken Visit from Seattle Area: We're enjoying a brief visit with George's sister and brother-in-law. (The names have been changed to protect cyber privacy.)

Blood Levels Need to Rise: As always, before I can check in for the next round of in-patient chemo treatments, my blood levels need to reach specific levels. If the platelet count doesn't naturally rise by tomorrow, I'll be knocking back a few "mai tais" tomorrow afternoon, courtesy of the City of Hope transfusion department.


Karen said...

Hurray for Cindy! and a big congrats to the proud mom and dad!
(The other) Karen

Karen said...

Tell Cindy CONGRATULATIONS!!! And I second the first Karen's congrats to you and George!!!

Sorry your nephew won't be coming out. But little kids are germ amplifiers, and you certainly don't need a sick child around you just now! I remember once, when Natalie was a tiny thing and had a cold, I was holding her and she wiped her runny nose and then stretched her arms up and stuck a snotty little finger right up my nose! Needless to say, I was soon sick, too!

I hope you won't need a Mai Tai, but if you do then I hope that, when your lying there at the COH Resort, you can visualize yourself in Hawaii with George, sharing a big Mai Tai through two straws. Maybe put some Don Ho on your iPod?

Actually, I have just the thing -- a Martin Denny CD. He was big when I was small, and his "Exotica" (I think that was the name) album featured all sorts of mysterious South Seas-sounding "jazz" music (complete with bird calls) -- the perfect accompaniment for a Mai Tai at COH! I'll send you my copy of his CD (on loan) (my brother gave me a copy for my birthday a couple of years ago, so I could reminisce about our childhood!), along with the Thich Nhat Han book which I ordered for you, and which should arrive at my favorite bookstore (Dutton's in Brentwood -- forgive the plug, but I want to save all indie bookstores) any day now.

Mrs. Duck

Margaret Finnegan said...

Congrats to your whole family on Cindy's accomplishment. You should all feel proud.

I'm finally back home after some remodeling we had done and I'm anxious to keep up better with the blog. The blog is so good, Susan. Your comments on poor, sad little Martha Stewart were so insightful. You are shaming me with your amazing writing.


Idelle Davidson said...

Congratulations on Cindy graduating. That's got to be a great feeling!

Suzy said...

CONGRATULATIONS! So very happy for you all!

Emmy said...

Yeah Cindy! Yeah George and Susan!

Shame on Martha!

And now I'm truly curious as to the real identity of Barbie and Ken :-)