Friday, May 11, 2007

Different Moments Than I Imagined

Nearly two months ago, on March 13, I wrote these words on my blog:

"For the first time since visiting my general practitioner in early January, a feeling of overwhelming sadness and fear swept over me. Sadness for the things I'll miss in the next few months, especially related to Cindy."

Wise Rose left a comment that has resonated with me since that day: "You will not miss moments with Cynthia, or anyone else. You will just have different moments than you imagined."

Tonight was Cindy's Senior Prom at Arroyo Pacific Academy and I did, in fact, have different memories than I imagined. My friend Terry took the day off from work so she could pick up Cindy and shuttle her from hair salon to makeup artist to boyfriend pickup and home for dress up. All the while Terry played "clock Nazi," reminding stylists and make-up artists and, most of all, Cindy, of the tight time frame involved in making an appearance at the City of Hope before taking off for official prom photos.

I sat perched in my hospital bed intercepting calls and orchestrating the details. "Who's picking up the corsages? I'll call George."

At 5:30 pm, Cindy, Andrew and Terry waltzed through the sun-filled lobby at the City of Hope. George arrived a few minutes later with corsages in tow. A helpful patient care assistant produced some safety pins and helped with the final underpinnings of Cindy's garment.

We took photos of the glowing young couple, decked out in their prom finery. The "totem pole" and I even joined in for a couple portraits.

George rushed to drop off the couple for prom portraits at the Brookside Country Club while Terry and I relaxed in the room replaying the highs and lows of the day.

My recollections of Rose's prom preparation memories consist of Amber and a friend quietly dressing in her room while moms sipped wine in the kitchen. I had hoped to conjure up the same easy-going scene, but, just as Rose predicted, I produced a much different one than I imagined. It's certainly one that none of us will forget.

I don't have a bottle of champagne tonight, but, if I did, I would raise my glass to my friends Rose and Terry, my husband George, my beautiful daughter Cindy and her dashing boyfriend Andrew.

PS I'll post more photos tomorrow.

Commentors: Do you have any favorite (publishable) prom memories of your own or your child's prom?


Marco said...

Congrats - you still were involved today despite your remote location - just because you're the Mom you don't always have to be the one in "charge" and your circumstance gave everyone else a chance to participate! A great memory Cyndi will remember (and you will) for a long time to come - all the best - M

Piper Robert said...

I am really looking forward to seeing the photos. I'll bet Cindy looked gorgeous. (Protective uncle hat on.) Uncle Bob should have left another message on Andrew's cell phone. I need to come out for a visit and have a heart to heart with Andrew.(Protective uncle hat off.)

Piper Robert said...

Great photo with a memorable story behind it. You look really good. You were so kind in sending the spread sheet to those of us who requested it, if you're up to it, may I have a copy of this photo? Cindy looks stunning. She's not a little girl anymore, but a maturing young lady with an awesome Mom. Love ya!

p.s. Have you read Psalm 23 lately?

Karen C said...

Beautiful family photo. I am so glad you were involved in Cindy's prom. You look wonderful. Talk to you soon. said...

What a beautiful photo. Our love to all of you.

Karen said...

My only prom memory was crying in my room prom night because I didn't go. (Only two boys asked me. One was about 6 inches shorter than me (I'm only 5'3") and used to follow me around everywhere, and the other was in ROTC, which to a 60's hippie was totally out of the question.) My mother comforted me by telling me that I'd have lots of dates when I went to college. So what did I do? I went to an all girl's college in the middle of nowhere!! Well, actually, West Point was about 15 minutes away. But, as I said, it was the 60's ...

Karen said...

I love Rose's comment. It's so wise, and so Rose!

Susan Carrier said...

Yea, Rose vacillates between being "wise" and a "wise cracker." : )

Suzy Keleher said...

Really beautiful! Hooray...the milestones of our children's lives! Cindy and Andrew looked wonderful! I hope to send you Kira's pics soon and if you wish, you could post one or two. They both are in blue! Lot's of love to you, done good, Mama! Love,Suze

Karen said...

You know, the scarf look was VERY cool in the 60's! And 60's looks seem to be returning this summer (or so it appears in my Bloomingdales' mailers). So you are ahead of the fashion curve!

I can't get over how gorgeous Cindy is. WOW!!!! What a beautiful family you are. Chic Mom, drop dead beautiful daughter, and cute hubbie. (Yes, George, you're cute too!) And a handsome boyfriend! I'm sure they'll remember that prom for the rest of their lives.