Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Back at Hotel Hope for Round Three

Breakfast in bed. Round-the-clock room service. A staff at my beck and call. Unlimited recreational opportunities, including pole dancing, conga line dancing and cable television. Daily in-room "happy hour." A room with a view (of the 210 freeway).

Today I'll check in to one of the five-star resorts of the San Gabriel Valley, Hotel Hope.

I'll check out on Sunday, just in time to celebrate Mother's Day with George and Cindy.

UPDATE: It's 2:15 pm and I'm settled into my room. This time I have a view of palm trees and the mountains, so it seems more "resort-like" than ever.


Paula Johnson said...

I wasn't a math major, but isn't finishing three of eight pretty darn close to being one-third done, which is not so very far from the halfway point?

Not such a bad Mother's Day gift!

Although George and Cindy better cough up some seriously great gifts, just the same.

Susan Carrier said...

It turns out that I won't get out of the clink until Tuesday morning. (This course A is long and complicated.)

We'll see what Mother's Day produces. Never one to take control (not), I ordered a beautiful set of monogrammed PJ's, but they're on back order and wont' arrive on time.

Once the prom flurry is over on Friday, George and Cindy will have Saturday to concentrate on finding mom the perfect gift.

I have put in my request for dim sum for Mother's Day bruch.

suzy keleher said...

happy Mother's day to you, Susan and to us all! i hope this round goes smoothly for you...and may those pj's come sooner than about some prom pics? i'll send you some too lot's of love and prayers, Suze

SAMO Calling said...

Check out my Revlon page for the Run/Walk this weekend. I hope you don't mind, I've personalized my page and mention you by name. You really are my reason for walking. I only wish I had a pic of you to put on my page. Check it out.

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day too, and I hope you aren't feeling this "round" too much - sort of like a prize-fighting "round", isn't it? Where you feel the same after something like that anyway, right??

Lisa C.

Karen said...

Good luck Susan! You said "This course A is long and complicated." How is it different from the earlier one? I hope you're taking this into account in your spread sheet!

Question: is Robert's screen name "Piper" because he plays the bagpipes? Or was he born in Hamlin?

Much love,
Mrs. Duck

Marco said...

Much love to you from a Father who appreciates what a Mother of a Wild Child has gone through - (I'd have a lot less grey hair otherwise!) - all my best and support and Happy Mother's Day to Ms.Susan! - from Marco

Susan Carrier said...

This course is longer (I may not get out out until Monday or Tuesday,) and I have all kinds of meds ('roids on 11-14) and chemo on days 7 and 10. I'll be sure to make note on my spredsheet. : )

Robert is a professioanl piper and a popular attraction at footgame games and funerals. I don't know about the connection to Hamlin. Robert, the keeper of the family tree, will have to keep us postedon that.

Karen said...

Relax and take it easy, Susan. Hope you're feeling well - sorry I haven't checked in for a while! I've been insanely busy of course, but definitely thinking about you a lot.

We all sent up good thoughts for you at the Coffee Gallery this morning and missed your wonderful input.

I'll come by with Lilli on Sunday if you're up for a visitor around mid-day. Let me know if you need anything Monday or Tuesday. I can give you a ride home for sure.

Piper Robert said...

Happy Mother's Day, Ninnie Choo Choo!!! Cindy is truly blessed to have you as her Mother.

I was looking at some of our old family pictures when you were 3 and I was 5. Christmas morning, you were in a nice girlie dress, your hair was immaculate as only Mom could do, you were holding a new doll baby, with your famous smile for a perfect little girl's Christmas picture. You also had on my cowboy boots. What's up with that?

Yes, I pipe the Parkersburg South football team out onto the field playing "Scotland the Brave". Packed stadium would cheer so loud, I couldn't hear my pipes, just feel the buzz under my fingers on the chanter. South fans love bagpipes. Karen, I was going to ask you what you get when you multiply a piper times 3.14159, but I won't. Is that booing I hear in the background?

Sue, I have your Mother's day gift.....drum roll.....big red feather boa!

Love ya! Proverbs 31:10-31

Susan Carrier said...

I'm looking forward to getting that red feather boa. I need to jazz up my routine a bit!