Monday, January 14, 2008

Tomorrow, Tomorrow

I may not be singing that soulful "Monday, Monday" classic today, but I'm optimistically belting out "Tomorrow, Tomorrow" as I pack my PJs. It looks like I'll be checking out of Hotel Hope on Tuesday.

If you missed my comment on yesterday's post, my lungs are rapidly returning to normal. Yesterday, I walked three laps around the floor without extra oxygen. I was breathing, walking and talking simultaneously and felt tintillatingly alive. I felt like I was in one of those farcical musical scenes from Scrubs. Doors opened. Imaginary champagne bottles popped. Other patients grinned with envy as they watched me performing this amazing, three-task feat.

Does it get any better than that? I can only think of one improvement. If someone had pitched a Porto's potato ball at me, I probably would have fallen over in a fit of ecstasy.


Mrs. Duck said...

Tomorrow, Tomorrow's good, too, since it's only a day away! I hope you get sprung fast!

Piper Robert said...

When Emily was 3, she watched Annie at least once a week. Very nice song.

Glad you're sounding chipper again!

I gotta try one of those Porto's potato balls.

Just in case anyone wants to check out Big Will, aka Blue Eyes.

Mrs. Duck said...

You Strothers are sure great bloggers/writers! I love Team Matthews and Blue Eyes! What a great blog!

Susan Carrier said...

I really love Team Mathews too. I'm always waiting for new photos. (Hint, hint, Em)

Piper Robert said...

I agree Karen, the Strother women are all talented writers. But as I've said before, the best Strother to spin a yarn is our brother James. James was cut from a different cloth.

Sue, do you remember all of us playing croquet at Grandma's and you hit "Uncle Jimmy's" ball into the briars. He had a meltdown and you went into an inappropriate laugh. Then the fight is on. James retrieves his ball (his legs are bleeding from blackberry briars) and proceeds to hit it very badly. It rolls about 6 inches. I hear a blood curdling scream and it's you laughing again. Now I'm laughing. You know, for a little guy, he was hard to restrain.

With your blog, I want information and you do an excellent job of keeping us informed. No b.s., just give it to us straight. When I check out Team Mathews, I want pictures!

So.......what time do you leave?

Susan Carrier said...

As lovely as it's been, I am SO ready to spring this joint.

Believe it or not, Dr. Forman has been "under the weather." There goes his perfect attendance for probably the last 30 years. Anyway, I'm waiting for his backup to examine me.