Monday, January 7, 2008


I just saw Dr. Forman and found out that my Sunday morning X-ray revealed that I have the dreaded double pneumonia - a not uncommon result of a bacterial or viral infection.

This certainly explains my breathing difficulties and fatigue. I discovered yesterday that I started wheezing and gasping for air if I laid flat and on my side. So I slept last night with my head elevated while lying on my back.

I'm so glad I called the ETC on Saturday.


Karen said...

Susan, I'm so glad you're there where they can help get you better. What's the treatment routine going to be?

Feel better soon!

Margaret Finnegan said...

And here we all were thinking you were out of the woods. Hmmmmm. Are you home? I made some very good chicken soup yesterday. Can I bring you some? I could get it to you by lunch.

Susan Carrier said...

The antibiotics are the first step, but I won't know what other treatments are in store until I meet with the pulmonologist.

Looks like I'll likely be here for another week enjoying the "low bacteria" diet. Unfortunately, no delicious home-made chicken soup for me.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the pneumonia but I had it a long time ago and it is not a big deal as long they catch it on time. Happy New Year to your and George and Cynthia! Howard

Susan Carrier said...

I hope I bounce back as quickly as you did, Howard. Not to try to "maximize" my condition, but it's just a little tougher when you start out with a weak immune system.

I'm lined up this afternoon for a diagnositc procedure called a bronchoscopy.

"A bronchoscopy A procedure in which a lighted, tube-like instrument is passed into the large air passageways of the lungs. may be performed if the physician wants to see inside the lung. In this test, a tube is inserted through the nose or mouth. The tube acts like a telescope into the body, allowing the physician to view the wind-pipe and major airways for pus A thick, opaque, and usually yellow-white fluid containing white blood cells, tissue debris, and microorganisms. , abnormal mucous, or other problems."

Idelle Davidson said...

Susan, feel better soon.

Karen said...

I hope you're going to be asleep during that bronchoscopy! Please let us know what the results are. I'm so sorry you've got to be back in the hospital for a while, but I'm glad you're in good hands there.

Lisa C. said...

Hi Susan,

Take care of yourself and try to be patient with resting! I know it's hard but it's so important...hope you feel better very soon --

Lisa C.

Anonymous said...

Take care, Susan. We are thinking about you and hope you feel better soon.

Barbara F.

Susan Carrier said...

Thank you all for the good wishes.

I really am in a good place. They are on top of everything. I even met with an infectious disease specialist.

In between tests, I am still sleeping a lot.

Cricket said...

Hang in there, kiddo!

I had bacterial pneumonia once--it was no picnic and made me feel wheezy and wimpy, but in the end, ya gotta do what they tell you. And mine was just on its own, without the kind of bigger picture you're dealing with.

So take your meds and ride it out--me and the crew are buckin' for ya!!!

Love and cheers--

Ann said...

Susan, I know the hospital stays can be a nightmare--especially when you've tasted freedom. Know that you're in the best place with people ready to treat you around the clock. Get lots of sleep and get better soon. You'll be out eating vegetarian sushi before you know it.

Mrs. Duck said...

Susan, I'm so sorry you've got pneumonia. I hope you're starting to feel better now that you're receiving antibiotics.

Being an asthmatic who's had pneumonia several times, I know how horrible it is when it's hard to breathe. My thoughts are with you.

I'm also sorry I didn't deliver the promised gingerbread cookies. Don got sick after making them (he's been sick for the last 10 days with a nasty respiratory infection -- could it be what you have??), and I didn't want inadvertently to expose you to any germs. But it looks like you got them anyway. Damn.

Well, take care of yourself. I'm glad you're resting, but I hope you stop resting soon, because that'll mean that you're feeling better!!

I, too, love Ellen. As for Oprah, I think she's an amazing, admirable person but ... what kind of a person publishes a monthly magazine that always has a picture of HER on the cover? Would you do that? I know I wouldn't. Even Martha doesn't do it.

Nancy said...

Hey girl. I'm sorry about the pneumonia. You and I both know that pneumonia is different for post-transplant patients. I'm hoping that recovery will come quickly. Let me know if it's viral or bacterial. I may be able to visit on Wednesday, unless, you think I'll get it, too. I'm still immunocompromised due to the anti-rejection meds..(Prograf). hmmmm... Take care, rest up, and drink plenty of fluids...(do I sound like a doc?) take care...

Lilli said...

Hoping and praying for a quick clearing of the lungs and eradication of those nasty bacteria!

Susan Carrier said...

Thank you for the continued good wishes and support.

Nancy, I'd love a visit tomorrow, but still don't know for sure if I'm viral or bacterial.

Mrs. Duck, good to hear from you again.

Susan Carrier said...

PS I don't have a problem with Oprah plastering her face on O. Apparently, it sells magazines big time. While other magazines are getting skinnier or folding all together (House & Garden), hers seems to get fatter.

I do have a problem with all of the mixed messages (in print and on TV) - "Find Your Joy," "Find Your Bliss," "Live Your Best Life," "Live within Your Budget," etc. along side a commercial feeding frenzy, such as the "O" list and the lavish give-aways on her show.

Of course, without commercialism, you don't have a show and you don't have a magazine.