Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Thank You, Arigato, Merci, Gracias

I'm thankful in every language.

Thankful that I'm going home today. Thankful for the amazing care I've received. Thankful that my lungs are responding to the steroids. Thankful for all of you who helped me make it through one more unplanned adventure.


Piper Robert said...

I'm thankful you've got that ol' samurai highlander fighting spirit. Home sweet home, ahhhh.

p.s. What's wrong with camo pants? Big Will has a camo shirt to match. Baby Gap thing.

Susan Carrier said...

So . . . how do you say "thank you" in Scottish Gaelic?

Don't get me started on the camo clothing!

Piper Robert said...

Tapadh leibh, pronounced TAH-puh LEH-eev.

What would be appropriate dress when one dons a 'coon skin hat?

Susan Carrier said...

Isn't it a bit contradictory to wear a 'coon skin cap with camos? You're blending in to the environment with the camos, but pretending to be a 'coon with the cap. Think about it.

Kinda' reminds me of the infant camo sleepers with a cute little deer and the caption, "Daddy's little dear." Does that mean Daddy's gonna' pull a Dick Cheney?

Anonymous said...

My Emily LOVES pink camo!! She has pink camo pants, pink camo shirts ..... I could go on and on. What environment is that trying to blend in to? hmmmm. Some things are better left unknown. (:

Tara in VA

Mrs. Duck said...

Pull a Cheney! You two are funny! If you're going to wear a coonskin cap, you need to wear bucksin. I don't think buckskin would look so good in camo. Especially not if it has a beaded fringe. And, you know, camo doesn't go with tartan, either. However, I think a coonskin cap with a kilt is just the right sort of kooky to fit the Strother mold.

Piper Robert said...

Hmmmm.......'coonskin and kilt. Big Will could pull that off. He has both. If Emily would oblige us and post a pic on TeamMathews, that would be fun.

A baby in camo and a 'coonskin hat is not supposed to make sense. It's like making goofy baby talk and weird faces when playing with an infant. Just fun. Like putting ketchup on filet mignon or wearing a heavy jacket with shorts. Only in WV.


Seumas MacKilljoy

Susan Carrier said...

I'll bet Emily looks adorable in pink camo. She may be even to pull it off with a tiara.

Oh, I get it. The idea is NOT to get the camo/coon combo. Although Piper's examples may not be exclusive to WV. I live with a ketchup and filet mignon man. And the Cal. fad for a while was tall, shearling UGGs boots with short shorts on a summer day.

I too love Mrs. Duck's idea of kilt plus cap.

Piper Robert said...

Merriam-Webster dictionary - Leisure suit: a suit consisting of a shirt jacket and matching trousers for informal wear.

Was George into "leisure suits"? Let me guess, was it sky blue? Leisure suits were the rage in WV in the '70s. Still are in some parts of the state.

Hmmmmmmm.......a camo leisure suit with white shoes.

Lilli said...

Hooray! Dorothy said it best: "There's no place like home."

Anonymous said...

Now that your home..let's start making travel plans.
San Francisco here we come...
so glad you are feeling good.

Carla said...

Hi Susan

I am so glad you contacted us when we were in LA last month.

Meryl has something for you and Cynthia which I will pop in the post tonight.

Remember to include London on your list of places to visit when you are feeling better.


Cricket said...

You're going home today!
A brave girl you are,
And truly a star--
It's great what God does when you pray.

Love and cheers--

Lisa C. said...

Hi Susan,

So glad you are feeling well enough to go home, finally!

Lisa C.

Susan Carrier said...

London and time with the Roberts family are definitely on my places to see and things to do list!

Mathews Family said...

I'll think about the kilt and the coon skin cap. What shoes should he wear? Oh! The Robeez that look like Uggs (compliments of Aunt Susan.) Perfect.

Poor kid.