Friday, January 11, 2008

Boredom Busters

If you blog it, they will come.

Yesterday I wrote about boredom and my craving for company, and today I've had a steady stream of visitors from 8 am until 8 pm. I even got to play a rousing game of Dogopoly with my young buddy Nina. When I wasn't chatting or playing with friends, I was touching bases with my pulmonologist, consulting with my cardiologist, talking with the social worker about getting a temporary disabled persons placard, having another chest X-ray or repeating the echo-cardiogram exam.

Who had time to be bored? And, more important, who had time to be depressed? Not me.

My cardiologist listened to my heart and confirmed the heart murmur first detected by my pulmonologist. Mix that murmur with a suspicious-looking echo cardiogram and other observaions, and the doctor's conclusion was "it [the aortal area] looks and behaves as if it's infected."

Next week, I'll be undergoing a transesophageal electrocardiogram (TEE). This tube-down-the-throat diagnostic procedure will verify the infection and determine if I need a two-week or six-week course of antibiotics. My lungs are still being treated for the infection and/or the chemo damage. The doctors have me covered!

Based on observations of today's breathing difficulties, my cardiologist said that he thought that an early-week discharge was unrealistic. ("You can't even carry on a conversation without getting winded.") But, then again, he doesn't know me. I can already see myself skipping down the hall without my latest fashion accessory, the breathing tube.


Ann said...

Susan, just sit back and let people fret over you. I know it's hard to do, especially when you're so used to being active. Listen to your doctors, but most of all, listen to your body. Chris and I are rooting for a speedy recovery.:)Ann

Mrs. Duck said...

You've got more heart (courage, determination and optimism) than anyone I know, and more brains, too. Now it's time to exercise that little used muscle: patience! As Ann said, just sit back and let people fret over you. That'll free you up to keep busy -- from your bed -- with other things, like reading, writing, learning, thinking, and, as necessary, napping! Don't overdo it. Piper's brother hat, like the sorting hat in Harry Potter, is very wise. When it says "kick back and listen to your doctors", I think it knows whereof it speaks!

Love you!