Monday, June 18, 2007

Up, Up and (Almost) Away

All of your prayers, positive thoughts, powerful imagery and crossed fingers, toes and eyes appear to have done the trick. My platelet count rose from 50,000 to 90,000 over the last week.

I'm still just under the 100,000 absolute minimum required for admission, but I'm almost there. I'll go back again on Thursday for yet another blood draw and consultation, but it should be a slam dunk. (Oops, I should be careful about the "dunk" imagery.)

This morning I was pleased to meet Emily, the nurse coordinator for my stem cell transplant. She'll be a key member of "Team Susan" during this process. We're all still hoping that it will be an auto (my own harvested stem cells) rather than an allo (donor) transplant, but Emily said that there's no way to know if I'll have enough stem cells until we're actually in harvest mode.

My calendar dependence is gradually going "up, up and away," but I'm still working on letting go of having to know and control the outcomes of everything else in advance.



Karen said...

Hoooraaaayyy!!!!! But I won't stop thinking "Platelets" until it's a go on Thursday. Then I'll switch to "Stem Cells, Stem Cells". I think I'll use it as my mantra when I meditate!

Mrs. Duck

Anonymous said...

Yahoo!! I knew it, I knew it! One step at a time, right?


Paula Johnson said...

I am SO glad they will check you on Thursday instead of making you wait a full week.

I just bet you can crank out 10,000 platelets in four days! I say get your boas ready to roll.

Piper Robert said...

So......what are you going to do with the boas on Thursday?

Do you remember the time I was pestering you and you grabbed my hand and bit my thumb so hard, you crushed my thumb nail and it turned black? Yes, I eventually lost the nail. I didn't yell out because I knew we would BOTH get in trouble. I had to bite the bullet on that one. You may have been too young to remember. It was quite the mystery to Mom and Dad why I lost my thumb nail. What's that got to do with platelets and stem cells? Nothing. Just wondering if you remember.

I talked to Dad yesterday and we had a conversation about you. His parting words were said in calm confidence, "She'll be alright."
Needless to say, I got choked up.

When I come to visit, let's play a game or two of croquet, just like the old days. All we need is James to pick on. Which reminds me of the time you and James.......

Love ya!

suzy keleher said...

yes! thank God! Still keeping positive for, Suze

Lisa Cooper-Keil said...

Obviously Platelette Prayer works. Now lets see if stem-cell meditation does too! Thinking positive thoughts in your direction - Lisa

Anonymous said...

Oops, the second message was from me....Lisa C. - more than one Lisa on here, sorry! Platelets, keep going!!

Paula Johnson said...

Wow, I hope your brother keeps these stories coming. You were a hard-living, hell-raising little girl who became a very gracious woman. These tales are great dirt!

Note to self: Keep fingers away from Susan's mouth.

Susan Carrier said...

I remember the black finger nail, but, for the life of me, I didn't remember that I was the one who inflicted the wound.

I wonder if it happened at the same time we were doing some covert, under-the-table rough housing while playing a board game of Risk. I still have a scar on the top of my right hand as a result of a stray finger nail that scraped away the top few layers of skin. I kept that a secret too because we got in major trouble for scrappin'.

Anonymous said...


What a scrapper! Who knew?

Lisa C.

Piper Robert said...

Wait 'til you hear about the cellar house catching fire. Of course, James was involved.

Have you heard the one (actually two) about Grandma giving my sister a spanking?

Don't get in her way when playing croquet. James can attest to that. Sue would knock the dogsnot out of his ball and laugh. She always had her gracious side. Have you seen our family pictures at Easter or birthdays? The perfect little girl with lace, bows, and patent leather. Mom knew how to doll her up.

Karen said...

I never knew Risk was a contact sport! When you played Clue did you use real ropes and knives? What I want to know is why did you ALL get in trouble when one person got hurt? Was it because you were ALL notorious scrappers? Or are you (Susan and Robert) being humble now, pretending you didn't tell on each other because you were afraid of getting into trouble, when really it was that you were so full of Christian forgiveness and charity you couldn't bear to see each other punished? Surely that must be it!!!

I'd have loved to have you guys as friends when facing down the bully in my neighborhood who had metal tipped boots.

Susan Carrier said...

Like any good Christian family, we kept our scrappin' behind closed doors.

In public, I was the quiet, teacher's pet. Now Jamsie - he was the one who was notorious for schoolyard fights.

Piper Robert said...

What she said.......(snicker).

I did get in trouble for fighting Anthony Mancuso behind Hart Foundry. SOMEHOW, my parents found out.

Karen, just so you know, Sue and I have your back.

Desiree said...

whoo hooo!!!

Karen said...

Now I know what the series that will be the next "Sopranos" will be based on: the Strother clan!

Glad to have you at my back!