Thursday, June 21, 2007

Platelets Behaving Nicely

Hurrah! It's finally happened.

My platelets exceeded the 100,000 count benchmark and rose to 116,000. My bed and pole are waiting for me at Hotel Hope, so I'm off and running.


Suzy Keleher said...

Happy pole dancing...we are going to be cheering for you! Could it be all that prayin' and visualizin' and good eatin' that brought those platelets up? Yes, and a lot of positive thinking people! So happy to be on "Team Susan" You go girl! We love you so much...Mom says have a good round and she looks forward to seeing you and having some good eats! Keep positive and see you soon! Love, Suze

Paula Johnson said...

116,000? You produced 16,000 extra?

Okay, now you're just SHOWING OFF!

Karen said...

YAY! Seems weird to say "Glad to hear you've been hospitalized," but there you are. Maybe we need to design a new line of greeting cards? ;-)

Let me know when you're ready for a visitor!
(the other)Karen

Anonymous said...

Great! This was so good to sounds like the platelets needed a little break...

Lisa C.

Piper Robert said...

Great news. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Love ya!

Mathews Family said...

Yay! Thinking of you. We love you!

Troy said...

Dance, dance, dance! Go get em Susan! I hope this stem cell treatment allows you to bring your pole dancing monologue to full bloom so the public can admire your sensational writing!

Sorry I've been quiet on the blog comments, but been pursuing my own "dream" of being a publisher. We just put Free San Francisco to bed!

Lots of life changes going on here and I've been thinking of what do I want to do before that last chapter. As I round birthday number 49, and with my parents both gone in the last two years, and one of my teens having turned the corner to age 20, what do I want to do?

One thought is to go on a year-long research trip across the county in an RV! Something both Ron and I have talked about for a long time. Besides book research we do genealogical research, and despite having grown up a NYC girl, my ancestors are all in the South: Oklahoma, TX, Tenn, Ala, SC.

But then I think, us, a teen daughter, two dogs, a cat and guinea pigs in an RV? Never gonna happen, at least not next year. Hopefully that dream won't be put off too much longer, because truly we don't know what will happen tomorrow.

As for Papdakis? Ron and I went there many moons ago. It was raucous, it was fun, and we were serenaded by a violinist. The lamb was yum, but beware if you don't like it rare! Going with a group is a great idea. Opa!

Thinking about you!


Karen said...

Yay Susan! Now I want to see you put Demi Moore to shame with that pole! Actually, I think she already put herself to shame with it. You can turn the tables and show the world the VIRTUES of pole dancing! (Question: if a pole can be both virtuous and sleazy, is it bipolar?)

Paula, your comment cracked me up!

You go Susan! Good luck with your next infusion!

With all our love,
the entire Duck Family

SAMO Calling said...

What great news! Have a good round at the "Hotel" - stay strong.
I've been going thru old pix and came across some old Hawaii photos. Cyn is so little, George so white, and you so glam! (Remember how my camera wielding finally got to you?).Years later, the pix were worth the trouble. You have given me lots of fun memories that still keep me smiling. I love you.

Cricket said...

HIP-HIP-HOORAY for you and for hanging in there and for the power of prayer and for all of us, your loyal fans, and for all the other forces of the universe coming together to support you!

Never thought I'd be so happy to hear that someone I care about has been admitted to the hospital--but that's the nature of MCL and its pole dance with Hyper CVAD--a choreography more like a fencing match--and you getting tugged and pulled back and forth between the two.

Well, ya gotcher dancin' shoes on again, thank goodness. And-a one, and-a two...

Love you.