Sunday, April 27, 2008

SAG is not just a union.

My cutis laxa (aka "loose skin") is slowly spreading. The original spots grow larger while new areas of sagging skin continue to develop. It's not life threatening, but it seems to be growing like an insidious cancer. And that's distressing.

The doctors from the USC Dermatology Grand Rounds recommended an antibiotic, Myoxidine. The hope is that this antibiotic will destroy the culprit in my body that's gobbling up the elastin in my skin. It's not a fountain of youth - we can't restore the elastin that's already lost - but I'm hoping we can slow down the sagging process.

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Ann said...

Susan, I know it can be hard to be faced with something that seems unconquerable. Your amazing attitude and indomitable spirit will persevere.